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Living the Naked Life: 10 Ways to Expose Your Unlimited Creation Abilities

270 pages
Paperbound & Kindle

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Concisely explaining how our minds work in connection with the Universe, Living the Naked Life gives an in-depth look at how our concepts and beliefs shape our reality and propel us through life.

Using Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques combined with Quantum Physics explained in everyday language, while linking these ideas to the universal truths contained in ancient religions and traditions, this book clearly demonstrates ways to get clear about who we are and what we really want, what faith is and how to develop it in ourselves, and how we can use our built-in abilities and connection to the Universe to start creating the lives we truly desire.

These ways can be used for anything you'd like to change or improve in your life; from building and improving your relationships, to finding your best career, developing your intelligence and creativity, and tapping into your self-healing abilities. Anything you would like to create or improve is within your grasp.

You have the power within you to change your life instantly. This book shows you how, with 10 easy lessons. Use it today!
Use It Wisely! Volume I: Time Management, 7 Steps for a Creative Mind

69 Pages
Paperbound & Kindle

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Ever feel like you just don't have enough time?

Many of my clients are searching for balance between their work, home, hobbies and social lives, or have goals and dreams that they don't feel they can ever accomplish, usually due to the fact that they don't feel like they have enough time.

My personal method of goal setting, time lining, and time management is a uniquely tweaked compendium of best practices from many sources, including my own inventive techniques.

This method works, even for those who hate lists and 'living by the clock' because it creates a framework that really frees you up to explore your true desires!

Using 7 simple steps, you will discover what your real dreams and goals are as well as how much time you actually CAN invest in having the life you truly desire!

By completing the steps contained in this book, you are saving up to $200! (Compared to having a one-on-one life coaching appointment)

The Use It Wisely! series are companion volumes to "Living the Naked Life: 10 Ways to Expose Your Unlimited Creation Abilities"
I AM THAT I AM: 365 Daily Meditations

392 Pages
Coffee-Table Paperbound & Kindle

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This volume contains 365 amazingly powerful meditations, one for each day of the year. Each meditation will aid you in creating a new reality setting and expanding your personal power unlimited!

There are several ways you can use this book:
Start on page 1 and work your way through the book, using each page for one day for the entire coming year, OR start on the page corresponding to the day of the year it is, and work your way through from that point, returning to page 1 on January first, OR flip to a random page, trusting in the universe to deliver the perfect "I AM" statement for you each day OR use the list at the back of the book to meditate and absorb all the qualities at once!

This volume includes an updated synopsis of "Living the Naked Life".

With I AM THAT I AM: 365 Daily Meditations
you will transform your self and your life, one day at at time!
Whether you're single or in a relationship, "straight", or LGBTQ, or in an alternative lifestyle, relationships are undoubtedly one of, if not THE most important aspect of our lives. Yet, even though there are classes for cooking, driving, and other useful skills, for some odd reason we're never taught the skills that make relationships truly awesome.

Now you can learn the secret ingredients that will increase your emotional IQ, help you resolve conflicts, heal yourself from past emotional wounds, and let's not forget having the orgasmic sex!

This book is a no-holds-barred, tell-all how-to guide which will allow you to create true happiness and fulfillment in life. You'll be able to love like a maestro, and know what to do (both in and out of the bedroom) in any type of relationship!

Finally, complete sex education, spanning everything from the latest knowledge of metaphysics, neuroscience, and biology, to attraction, communication & emotional management, negotiation & boundary setting. From flirting to in the bedroom, sexual positions & techniques, self-pleasure, and different types of orgasms. Get a clear look at different lifestyles; from Tantra to BDSM, LGBTQ, Poly, more!

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Get Naked! Overcome Your Negative Self-Image: Gain Power & Confidence in ANY Situation

$34 Paperback

Pre-Order Get Naked book
Get Naked! Overcome Your Negative Self-Image: Gain Power & Confidence in ANY Situation

- Overcoming Your Negative Body Image
- Your Self-Image Isn't Just About Your Body
- How Much of a Role does DNA play?
- You are More than the Sum of Your Parts
- Does Your Self-Image Influence Your Fate?
- Your Self-Image and Your Health
- Your Self-Image in All Your Relationships
- Your Self-Image in Career or Business
- Your Self-Image in Social Situations
- Your Self-Image & Your Environment(s)

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