Attracting Cupid: The Quick & Dirty Guide to Online Dating

Are you brand new to online dating?

Have you tried online dating in the past, with poor results?

Do you have trouble meeting people?

Do you “choke” up on the first message, the first date, or later on?

Whether you’re straight or LGBTQ, vanilla or living an alternative lifestyle, chances are that you want to meet someone special, someone to share and enjoy life with. Yet, sadly, many flounder for years, not sure how to meet new people, or how to get the ball rolling towards the relationship of their dreams.

The Naked Life Coach does it again with another useful guide! From choosing a dating site, to what to put on your profile, what to look for, and what to message, all the way through the first date, having the “sex talk”, getting to your first time in bed with a new partner, and having the “relationship talk”, you’ll benefit from the easy and concise directions in this quick guide to online dating.

Happy Hunting!

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