Everything is Trance-able: A Quick & Easy Guide to Meditation

Have you ever wondered how to meditate?

What benefits can you gain from your meditation practice?

Did you know that there is more than one way to meditate?

In fact, you may already be meditating without knowing it!

Learn the 26 super-human benefits of meditation, and start using it today! In this simple guide, Nadine Sabulsky describes the purposes of meditation, and gives you several quick and easy ways to get started, and then explains 9 types of meditation to experience for yourself.

You’ll discover your inner peace, enhance your creativity, develop greater problem-solving skills, and more, with the help of this handy little guide!

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Transformational Speaker, Coach, Author, Mom, Movie Star, Super-Heroine, Synergist, Karaoke Singer, Dancer, Serial Entrepreneur, Adventuress, Inventor, Designer, Goddess & More! Nadine Sabulsky is the Prima Imagina of SatoriaNation and Originator/Developer of Naked Life Coaching™

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