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Topics & Previous Show Recordings

The Healing Power of Giving Thanks

It’s funny how often we focus on what’s not going right. Our boss is a jerk. Our kids aren’t obeying. We’re stressed about finances. Our significant other has an annoying habit. Our best friend looks better or gets more attention than we do. We get caught in rush...Read More »

QYR is getting a makeover

Well, I’m a bit embarrassed! I didn’t research the name before I started using it. Come to find out, the Question Your Reality show title is used by Alex Jones, the popular “conspiracy theorist”. So… my show needs a new name. I’m going to brainstorm that.

In...Read More »


I’m behind on my self-appointed schedule for writing. This blog post should’ve been published yesterday, and I’ve been toying with the idea of actually publishing on Monday, or maybe even Friday. I’m also behind on my video editing. I’ve got 3 episodes of the show backed up on...Read More »

Dream Big or Go Home

I woke up with this quote echoing in my head. Come to find out, the original is actually “Go Big or Go Home”, but I like this revised version. If you don’t have a big dream, it’s kind of difficult to go big, wouldn’t you agree?

What...Read More »

Placebo OR Nocebo?

Have you ever heard about the Placebo effect? What about the Nocebo effect?

Most people have heard the term placebo, but do you know what it means?

Placebo is from the Latin for “I shall please”. Nocebo is from the Latin meaning “I shall harm”.

I recently saw a video of a woman who was completely out of control of her body and vocal cords. She was grunting and flopping around on the ground, trying unsuccessfully to stand up. It was heartbreaking to...Read More »

Relax into the Infinite

I don’t usually write or talk much about my personal journey. Sure, I teach the lessons I’ve learned from it, but I tend to leave out the “juicy bits” as my friend calls them. However, today I want to share my weekend with you, at least a little...Read More »

West of Eden

Katrina Rainsong & Nathan Machutta

Photo: Michael Sarda
Models: Katrina Rainsong & Nathan Machutta

I’m just going to put this out there. Here’s my personal opinion of the Garden of Eden story. As you’re probably aware by now, I think that the entire Universe is one energy, that we are all part...Read More »

One World Time

For centuries humans have marked time using day and night as a benchmark. We have marked days, using the movement of earth (with its tilted axis) around the sun, as days grow shorter or longer due to the degree of tilt and the oblong orbit bringing us closer or further...Read More »