Why I (Sometimes) Coach In The Nude

One of the most common questions I get about coaching is “why do I coach naked?” I believe that we have become so accustomed to sexualizing everything about nudity that people tend to have a lot of fears and emotions about exposing their bodies. Those very thought patterns are among the many reasons that I became the Naked Life Coach. 

Non-sexual nudity is so beneficial during coaching because it allows people to unveil their truest selves. By uncloaking our outer shells, we can foster open communication and freedom in our interactions. You enjoy faster and more authentic results when there is nothing behind which to hide. Being naked may seem scary at first, which is why we do it together. The vulnerability that comes with revealing your truest self – physically and emotionally – is a journey on which I guide you as we work together in coaching sessions. 

The other reason I offer naked life coaching is because much of the negativity associated with nudity goes back to childhood. Before toddlers are told otherwise, they think nothing of running around freely, joyfully even, with no clothes on. They are comfortable in their own squishy little bodies, and they don’t question this feeling until an adult tells them doing this is “wrong” or “bad.” The toddler doesn’t understand why, but doesn’t want to suffer any unnecessary consequences, so they begin to associate wearing clothes with “being good.”

This sets us on a trajectory to reject nudity in adulthood unless certain criteria is met, such as dressing, bathing or sex. We become ashamed or embarassed of our naked bodies in a way that we would have never been had we not been introduced to this awareness. I believe this causes a kind of lifelong trauma that can be healed through nudity in a shared setting. 

Finally, being naked during coaching sessions helps you to accept change in your life. You are more willing to embrace different ways of thinking about everything because you’ve taken an important first step through naked coaching. You navigate the fears you may have held about being nude, and realize you are also willing to address other fears as well. As you become more comfortable in your own skin, you realize that you overcame this fear and begin to accept that you may be willing to overcome other obstacles as well. 

Some clients choose not to have naked coaching sessions, and this in no way mitigates their success. I have cultivated numerous paths to achieving goals through coaching to accomodate everyone’s level of comfort. However, those that have been willing to try have always expressed to me their sincerest gratitude in challenging them to go beyond their self-imposed limits to overcome fear and seize the life they’ve always wanted. 

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