What Will You Coach Me On?

The short answer is: ANYTHING!

Here’s the extended list of all the ways I’ve actually helped clients since opening The Naked Life Coach’s doors in February 2010. My clients have come from all walks of life, and have been all genders and sexuality, and all ages – from age 10 to age 69 so far. No matter who you are, where you are in life, or what you want to change, improve or achieve, I can help, and it will be faster, easier, and more comfortable than you can even imagine!

I’ve split these up into broad categories, and answered a few common questions where appropriate. If you don’t see what you want to change or achieve on this list, please contact me!


You will learn how your mind/body/spirit actually works, and how you can literally reprogram yourself for success using your conscious and unconscious mind in harmony. *A lot of the help in this area is delivered through NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) techniques.

  • Rebuild self-esteem after divorce/breakup
  • Build self-esteem & confidence shattered by childhood or other trauma
  • Cure PTSD from military or accidents/traumas
  • Cure phobias
  • Release fear, guilt, grief, shame, anger, depression
  • Relieve stress & learn how to change stressful situations
  • Cure general, situational, and social anxiety
  • Reduce or eliminate allergies
  • Learn effective boundary setting
  • Learn effective communication & negotiation
  • Increase emotional intelligence
  • Unlock your creativity
  • Increase your intelligence
  • Becoming comfortable with your body and/or sexuality
  • Learn how to meditate and/or visualize
  • Figure out what you really want
  • Improve memory
  • Sleep better
  • Remember your dreams
  • Overcome addiction
  • Clean & organize your space
  • Manage your time effectively


Much of what comprises healthy relationships is effective communication, and self-directed emotional management. *I’ve had experience at all types of relationships, from straight monogamy, to fully open. No matter what your choice of relationship, the understanding and skills I’ve learned along the way will ease your path.

  • Improve (or find) your romantic relationships
  • Detect and erase old family patterns of relationship failure, health problems, poverty, etc.
  • Save relationships & prevent divorce
  • Reunite family
  • Communicate effectively with children
  • Set effective boundaries with in-laws
  • Re-ignite the passion in your relationship
  • Heal sibling rivalries


Learn how your mind can aid the healing process, and how to unleash your physical beauty, get in shape, and regain perfect health. *I teach mind-over-matter techniques, including subconscious reprogramming for perfect health. This is quite different from the approach a personal trainer or nutritionist would have, yet far easier and more effective in both short- and long-term health benefits!

  • Reach your goal weight (loss or gain) faster than you think possible
  • Get fit and in the shape you want to be in
  • Heal from illness and injuries, even reducing scar tissue
  • Reduce or eliminate allergies and sensitivities
  • Develop your own personal beauty and style, from the inside out.
  • Teach your body new physical skills, such as sports, music, art, flexibility, etc.
  • Mind/Body/Spirit wholeness and wellness


I’ve been an entrepreneur since 1989, building a variety of businesses including jewelry design, cleaning, graphic design, entertainment, party planning, electronic cigarette distribution, financial services, software design, and now education. *Learn the skill sets that it took me decades to learn, and increase your success in the shortest possible timeframe!

  • Figure out the best career for you
  • Find or switch jobs
  • Increase sales or commission income
  • Plan a business
  • Start a business
  • Manage a business
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Computer literacy from the basics to web development & back-end systems (no programming required!)
  • Organization to suit your personality
  • Time-management skills
  • Business Communication skills


Learn the sex-ed secrets not taught in schools. *Please note this is informational, not “hands-on” sex education. Also, while I do teach some techniques for certain things, I’ve found that what is more effective is to truly understand your own body and how it works, and learn some skill-sets of communication and how to read your partner’s body, because there is no one-size-fits-all technique when it comes to sexual gratification.

  • Become comfortable with your own body
  • Become comfortable with other’s bodies
  • Accept your own sexuality and sexual appetites
  • Overcome sexual difficulties, such as inability to orgasm or premature ejaculation
  • Overcome physical difficulties, such as impotence/inability to get physically aroused.
  • Curious: Learn about alternative lifestyles, including: Fetish, BDSM, LGBTQ, Poly & Swinger
  • Learn how to find and attract your ideal partner(s)
  • Overcome sexual fears, phobias, or traumas from abuse or rape
  • Connect your sexual and emotional self for greater fulfillment
  • Release sexual addictions
  • Learn how to please and receive pleasure from your current partner
  • Learn how to communicate your desires effectively
  • Learn how to read your partner’s body language and other signs


In addition to all of the above, I’ve helped my clients complete various projects, such as:


  • Writing & publishing books
  • Planning events
  • Weddings (I’m now ordained to perform marriages, and Naked Wedding packages are available!)
  • Home ownership


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