Getting Metaphysical with Traffic

Forget about those self-help books that primarily focus on achieving your life goals and dreams. You can start applying metaphysical laws to any area of your life, today! Let’s focus on an area that at has (at least occasionally) frustrated most of us: traffic. If you’ve ever encountered rush hour, you know what I mean! How often have you experienced an unexplained slow-down or traffic back-up? Or you get to the end of the jam and traffic suddenly speeds up again, but there’s no visible reason for it to have slowed down in the first place?

I postulate that the phenomena of our experience in traffic is similar to that demonstrated by random number generator studies in which it has been discovered that an individual or group’s focused belief or expectation of result actually influenced the numbers being generated, therefore making it non-random.

So, is traffic random, or is it generated by sufficient belief? Do so many believe in rush hour that it is thereby created? Metaphysics creates a new belief set; that we can physically change our reality by our expectations. To change any reality we don’t enjoy, it is important to now create a new statement about our reality. As it says in the Bible ‘First there was the Word’.

I call these statements ‘Settings’ to reflect the fact that I am changing my reality just as easily as I would change the channel on the radio. The statement I currently use for traffic is ‘Traffic flows smoothly and quickly, and vehicles move out of my way’. Because the universe is reciprocal, I move out of other’s way as well.

So, since this is metaphysical creation, it can only be proven experientially, and in order to do that, you need to have faith in the powers of mind over matter. However, a few tips;

  • Be expectant that it works
  • If you see signs of a slow-down, proceed with due caution, but remind yourself of the fact that ‘Traffic flows smoothly and quickly and vehicles move out of my way’.
  • Mentally disregard as unworthy any notices to expect any other reality, or other’s expectations of traffic conditions unless it aligns with your Setting.

We as a society are practically brainwashed to ‘expect the worst’, however, as research in quantum physics is showing, our expectations really do affect reality. So why not expect the best?!

A good example: using positive wording on signs.

A good example: using positive wording on signs.

Start expecting the best in every area of your life, especially the little things that you can now say ‘used to’ annoy you – like traffic – and see what happens!

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