The Mission of Meditation

One of the components of my approach to coaching centers on the use of meditation as a tool for wellness. Over the years, meditation has gotten a bad rap. People have come to associate it with an intense spiritual process that can only be undertaken by serious students of a philosophy or ideology. And it is true that followers of many different spiritual backgrounds do meditate. 

But it’s not just for people who seem to be immediate experts in the art of clearing their minds and sitting for hours on end. Meditation is – and should be – for everyone. The benefits of meditating are far too many to even name here, but let’s just say that you can work through mental, emotional and even physical obstacles with meditation.

The science is there to back this up: meditation has been proven to help with symptoms from physical ailments, including cancer, high blood pressure, heart disease, asthma, chronic pain and more. 

I’ve taught clients to control emotional responses, engage in breathing techniques to calm them in the midst of an anxiety attack and meditate on important life decisions before making them. I try to make time to meditate every day, if not several times throughout the day. It gives me the necessary clarity to juggle my relationship, business and my personal pursuits. 

The thing about meditation is there are so many formats.  You can try guided meditation, where a guide helps you to visualize certain themes or elements to help you achieve the desired result. Mantra meditation involves repeating a mantra to collect and calm your thoughts. Mindful meditation focuses on being present in the moment to increase awareness. 

One of my favorite meditations is what I call “question meditation”. This process has helped me gain insight on so many things, from helping me diagnose and overcome the writers block I experienced on my first book, to having a deeper understanding of my life choices and purpose, and even helping me stop self-sabotage in my business and relationships. 

I recommend my clients meditate daily to achieve optimal results from this practice. 

Start your meditation journey with my book “I Am That I Am: 365 Daily Meditations.” Purchase it on Kindle or grab the cofee table book version. Your physical and mental wellbeing will improve immeasurably, and you will find that you are more in touch with your emotions in a much healthier way. 

If you’re brand new to meditation, I’ve also published a quick and easy guide to get you started with the question technique, the benefits of meditation explained, and more! Get “Everything is Trance-able: A Quick & Easy Guide to Meditation” on Kindle. 

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