The Healing Power of Giving Thanks

It’s funny how often we focus on what’s not going right. Our boss is a jerk. Our kids aren’t obeying. We’re stressed about finances. Our significant other has an annoying habit. Our best friend looks better or gets more attention than we do. We get caught in rush hour. Or we find something else to dislike or hate about ourselves or our lives.

Being thankful cures many of these ills, almost instantly! It shifts our focus from what is “wrong” to what is “right” in our world, and by so doing, we shift our energy into a higher vibrational tune, uplifting not only ourselves, but all with whom we come into contact.

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, what do you find you’re thankful for this year?

Maybe your boss IS a big fat jerk. But by being thankful for the job you have when so many don’t have a source of income, you open the gateway within you. Try looking for the good qualities of your boss (or other annoying person). No matter how awful someone may seem, there are always redeeming qualities. What can you find to appreciate about every person in your life, including your significant other, family, friends, and even strangers you see on the street?

I challenge you to make some Thanksgiving lists.

Make a list, first of all, of all the things you like and appreciate about yourself. This list will probably be the hardest, as most of us spend far more time in self-criticism and blame than we do in self-praise.

Now make a list of all that you are grateful for in your life. These could be the “simple” things, like having a place to live, having clothing (yeah, I know I’m The Naked Life Coach, but I love clothing too!), having a mate, children, family, having a job or business, having skills (such as being able to read), having electricity…

Really think of all that you do have that you would miss if it was gone. So often people rail against technology, or think about the past as “the good old days”, but really, without technology we would all be living in caves and freezing and eating raw meat, ok?!


This is just one example. How thankful are you that you have vision, hearing, a sense of touch, taste, and smell (as applicable), remember, not everyone has all of these! There is so much good in life that we simply take for granted while complaining or feeling bad about whatever we feel we lack.

Third part of this Thanksgiving Day challenge? Make a list for every person of significance in your life. This includes your significant other, kids, bosses, close friends and close co-workers. What do you appreciate about each person? Take your time here and fully think about each important person in your life and what they bring to your existence through their actions, words, and being.

By the way, (hint, hint) these lists would look great on a card given as a gift to each of these people! After all, when is the last time you expressed to much praise and affirmation to them?

To carry this forward, keep your personal lists close at hand. Put them on your smart phone in a note, post them on your bulletin board or your mirror. Refresh yourself with them each day, and add new things to these lists as they occur to you. In fact, make a point to add one item to each list every day!

And join me online this Wednesday to share your Thanksgiving Lists!

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The Healing Power of Giving Thanks
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