Seek to Practice Unconditional Love

Seek to love both yourself and others unconditionally.

The feeling of love provides a vast protection against all forms of ills, including other, less desirable emotional states.

“But… Love Hurts” you say?

Actually, it’s not love that hurts, it’s the feelings generated by a perception of lack of love; the jealousy, anger, fear, sadness, or resentment, that really hurts us.

Those are the harmful emotional states, both for your body and mind.

Love is the opposite, as well as the most powerful cure for all those other states.

Love is the best possible addiction you can have, but if you’re not used to it, it will take conscious practice to begin the process of re-habituation.

Ara says: “What I am most interested in generally about emotions is the apparent paradox of not letting them control you, while still being honest and true to yourself. I could not dissociate from my emotions for a huge majority of my life. I now have an emotional sense of what lies beyond this, but not so much an intellectual understanding.”

Nadine’s response: “This is an important point. The idea is to experience emotions authentically, while still not allowing those emotions to dictate your actions.”

I think the key thing to understand is that our emotions are addictive, that we have emotional patterns, rather than “authentic” emotions to begin with.

There is no one-size-fits-all emotional response to any stimuli, rather, they are all learned, and then habituated, responses.

When you consciously choose your habitual emotional state, such as love or happiness, for example, you then have a new “authentic” baseline from which you operate, and that alone can change your entire life for the better.

So, the goal is not to disassociate from your emotions, but rather, to be in charge of them, to choose, consciously, what to feel and what to do about those feelings.

 – Excerpt from Secret Weapons of Mass Orgasm: The Science of Sex & The Artistry of Love – Part 5: Building Emotional Intelligence

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