Sanitation Increases Sanity

So. I cleaned my house this week. Not that it was a disaster area or anything. I’m usually pretty organized. But… somehow papers had accumulated on my desk, laundry needed to be put away, shelves needed to be dusted, etc. etc. I’m also slo-o-wly purging unwanted or unused items from my huge inventory of stuff. You know, material possessions.


What is the link between Cleanliness and a Healthy Mind and Body?

According to the Online Etymology Dictionary, both words share a root in the Latin word “sanus,” meaning “healthy or sane.” Many insane or unhealthy people live in conditions of dirtiness as well. Are the two related? And can changing one affect the other? I know that I always feel so much better; less overwhelmed and more creative and productive when my home and office environment is clean and organized! So why do I, and many people, procrastinate those “dreadful” chores? And what can we do to stay consistently clean and organized?

Quick Tips for Cleaning and Organization

  1. Make a reusable checklist of weekly and monthly cleaning tasks. For example, you probably want to vacuum, mop, dust, do laundry, and so forth on a weekly basis. Washing the windows, on the other hand, could be a monthly or even quarterly chore.
  2. Enlist the help of your family or roommates. Splitting up the work makes it go faster, and adds to a sense of community within the household. Some people prefer more cleanliness than others. Some prefer certain chores to others. I’d much rather vacuum than wash dishes, for example. That’s definitely a point of negotiation. Agree to one day of the week that all the chores get done. I like to clean house on Sunday. After relaxing from the work-week and enjoying the weekend, a clean house gets the new week off to a good start.
  3. If you are starting at ground zero, going from complete disarray, the quickest way to organize efficiently is to group like objects together, and designate specific areas of the house or office for each type. “Everything in its place, and a place for everything.” For example: all books go on designated shelves. Put cups in one cupboard, pans in another. Dresses are hung together, shirts in a different section of the closet. All desk-related objects (scissors, tape, stapler) go in the office desk drawer. The first step of the process is to deliver these items to their proper rooms. From there, organize each room.

Your Environment is an Extension and Reflection of You

Just as getting a makeover can cause you to view yourself in a new and more positive light, giving your environment a makeover will have you viewing your life and work in a more positive and relaxing way. If you’ve been living in a “disaster area” for a while, getting it cleaned up and organized may take a few days. Once your organizational and cleaning system is in place, it’s very simple and easy to maintain your new lifestyle with just a few minutes a day to keep organized and a couple of hours a week to keep clean.

What are your top cleaning and organization tips? Leave a comment below…

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