Relax into the Infinite

I don’t usually write or talk much about my personal journey. Sure, I teach the lessons I’ve learned from it, but I tend to leave out the “juicy bits” as my friend calls them. However, today I want to share my weekend with you, at least a little bit.

First I want to give you the back-story. I have gone through quite a lot of emotional turmoil this past year. From the highest highs to the lowest lows. Despite understanding the law of attraction, and knowing the principles that are effective, and knowing how to guide and channel my own emotions and energy, this year has been a challenge! And I’ve been camping deprived. I’m not sure if there’s a connection there, but my subconscious thinks, “yes, yes there is.”

I’ve been working really intently on creating my dream life all year. What does that consist of? Well, on the business side, ideally I want to have a large coaching organization similar to Tony Robbins – I want to write and create video & audio courses, and put on large events all over the world, and also have a trained team of naked life coaches to take care of people one-on-one. On the personal side I want to have my dream lover, that magical person sharing my world. So I’ve been focusing on both of those things with so much passion! However, I forgot my own knowledge.

I got too wrapped up in the how. I got too wrapped up in having to “do it myself”, rather than letting the universe send me what I want and need. I got stressed out, and depressed. And then I even got mad at myself for being stressed and depressed, because, after all, I KNOW better! I know how to manage my thoughts and emotions, but I wasn’t able or willing to do so on my own behalf. What a mess! I forgot during all this how to relax into the infinite…

I relearned that this weekend. I went camping with 3 friends to a private property with a hot springs. The weather was perfect, day and night. It was the dark of the moon so we had only starlight to illuminate us. And as I lay back in the hot water, with a couple of noodles to keep me afloat, the gentle eddies of the current pushing me slowly, oh so slowly around the large pool, I just looked at the stars for hours.


I gazed deep into the belly of the universe and I finally surrendered myself wholly to the moment and relaxed deeply for the first time in over a year.

“This is life!” I thought. “This is where it’s real.” The moment is what is real. We all (myself included) tend to spend soooo much time reviewing and reliving the past, and hoping for or fearing the future. But all we really ever have, EVER, is right now. This moment. As someone once said, “Each moment is a gift. That’s why they call it the Present.”

So, next time you’re feeling stressed, sad, angry, hurt, annoyed, afraid, or really any emotion that is making you unhappy, take a moment to remember – you are NOW. Breathe deep. Savor the flavor of the air. Look around you, see the beauty that surrounds you constantly, in the simplest things. The flowers, the trees, the grass, the clouds, the stars, the way the light touches everything, the art, the softness of the carpet or the hardness of tile. The grain of wood. All of it and more is beautiful and breath and beauty are what’s real. The rest is just the illusion.

What do you think about having One World Time? Leave me your comments below…

Question Your Reality Episode 3

Relax into the Infinite
Aired Wednesday, October 9, 2013


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