Reality is a Reflection of You

reality is a reflection of you

If your life is full of peace, it’s a reflection of your inner peace. If your life is spattered with conflict, it’s a reflection of your inner conflict. This philosophy changed my life at a young age. I took it to heart, and I began to realize that if I admired something about someone, or hated something about someone, either way it was because they reminded me of some aspect that I liked or disliked about myself. As a result, I no longer could get angry or upset with anyone, at least, not for very long.

Similarly, I found that people responded to my self-image. If I felt like I was looking good, I would get complimented and admired. If I felt crappy, not so much. If I felt successful, I would easily succeed. The times I’ve felt like a failure, again, not so much.

reality is a reflection of you
In a way, our conscious and unconscious minds operate much like computers. The difference is, with computers, every program that’s running has been intentionally written to produce a certain result. With our internal programming, not so much! We absorb tiny bits of code from all sources, and, too often, these codes conflict. The key to lasting growth is to get into internal alignment.

So how do you get into internal alignment to create good reflections externally?

There are six components of ourselves. Each of these areas are a combination of conscious and unconscious states. We need to have internal alignment, where all the parts agree with each other, and external alignment, where all the parts also agree with what we want to create and experience.

Energy/Spirit/Soul: So often we are out of touch with our highest self and intention. One of the easiest ways to bring ourselves back into alignment with our spirit is to practice daily meditation. There are many ways to meditate. I recommend spending at least a half hour per day in this practice.

Beliefs: Often our beliefs are conflicting, and most of the time we’re not even aware of the conflict. Usually we’re not even conscious of what our beliefs are, but we base our thoughts, feelings, words and actions on them. Start consciously examining your beliefs whenever possible. Ask “Is that really true?”

Thoughts/Mind: We are always thinking up scenarios. Pay attention to what you are actually thinking about. Are you thinking about the outcome that you want to experience? Switch to that.

Feelings: Did you know that you can decide what to feel? Stop saying “He/She/That makes me mad!” and start saying “I choose to feel ____.”

Words: Are you speaking with integrity, both for yourself and about others? Are you talking about the results you desire, or are you focusing on what you don’t want? Practice speaking in the affirmative.

Actions: Are your actions in harmony with what you wish to create? Create an action plan and spend as much of your time each day as possible taking action towards your ideal life.

You have the power!

You can achieve anything you want to. It’s your life, and the only thing stopping you is you. Decide now, today, to make your life wonderful!

Nadine Sabulsky is The Naked Life Coach™ founder, Author, Transformational Speaker, Mom, Super-Heroine, Movie Star, Lifelong Entrepreneur, and More!

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