Reflections On The Journey Towards Perfection

If I waited for perfect, I never would have started.

Early on in my coaching career, I faced a lot of doubt and skepticism.

It was early 2010, and the economy, and myself, were slowly recovering from the crash of ’08.

Over the course of 2009, I had lost everything – my house, my car, both businesses, even my lover – my life had become a sad country song parody! (Sorry if you like country music, but you know what I mean)

Anyway, during all this tumultuous year, I’d been focused on learning and applying Law of Attraction (LOA) in my own life. Even though I lost so much, in the process I gained even more!

I gained a tremendous amount of self-knowledge. I leveled up my ability to manifest, and got a new house and new sources of income.

I started desiring to teach others what I’d discovered about how LOA *really* works… and from that desire I manifested an opportunity to teach at the Phoenix Goddess Temple.

At the beginning, I didn’t know what to call myself, and coming up with the Naked Life Coach title is a tale in itself, haha

After I adopted that title, I got quite a lot of pushback from friends.

“I wouldn’t get coaching from someone who doesn’t have their life together” – at the time I still didn’t have (nor actually want) a car, since I was working from home.

“I wouldn’t get coaching from someone if they don’t have a degree” – even though I’m a serial entrepreneur and this is my 9th business.

Still, I persevered, and my new business grew. People who worked with me got amazing results of all sorts – healing from chronic pain, repairing their relationships, starting businesses and completing projects, getting more organized and productive, recovery from emotional disorders… the list goes on.

If I had waited for perfect… if I didn’t start until I got that car, or my college degree, or knew EVERYTHING about what I wanted to achieve… well, none of those people would have gotten the gift I had to offer.

Even though others perceived my life as “not perfect”, there were still things they were able to have learned from me – because I was a step or two ahead (or more) in the life areas they needed help with.

So don’t wait to be “perfect”. If you’re passionate and inspired to do something, get started now!

Perfection is discovered within the journey, its not a destination.

If you want help along your journey towards perfection, please let me know!

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