How Gratitude Shapes Our Reality

In my book “Living the Naked Life: 10 Ways to Expose Your Unlimited Creation Abilities“, Way #8 is to “Have an Attitude of Gratitude”. On Tuesday this week I found myself stressing out over my financial situation again. I was also stressing because I have a huge to-do list for my SatoriaNation project as well as my book and business.

I had just returned from my trip to Austin TX to speak at the A.L.I.G.N. Conference and New York to speak at Occupy Wall St. I had $7 in my pocket and a grand total of six cents in my bank account, and my rent, electric and phone bills are all due within a few days – a total of $945, plus I owe $114 to a friend and had to send him at least $40 asap.

I was tired and trying to take a nap but my mind kept running in circles of worry! As I lay there, I started to meditate, first saying “relax, peace, relax” over and over. Gradually the thought came to me to make a gratitude list. It’s funny, I often assign this task to my clients and group members, but I rarely do it myself! I decided to make that an exercise for my group members that night. I mentally started making my gratitude list.

How Gratitude Shapes Our Reality

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The thought came that every worry I had could be flipped into a gratitude. If I worry about my rent, the flip side, the gratitude is that I have a beautiful home to live in. Worry about my electric and phone bills could be flipped to gratitude that I have electricity and a cell phone. Worry about money is flipped to happiness that I always have more than enough. As I composed my list my feelings shifted to peace and happiness.

That night, I and my group wrote our lists and shared them with each other. It was a fantastic and fun exercise!  As we shared our lists, our gratitudes reminded each other of other things we are each grateful for. Warmth and light seemed to enter the room and the group. All of us concluded that meeting feeling empowered to create the reality we want!

The next day, I got an email offering a contract teaching job, and I am meeting with the director this coming Monday. I also got appointments with 2 new clients and have enough to make a $40 payment to my friend, run a small advertisement ($11), and pay the past due amount of my electric bill ($227) to avoid shutoff. I emailed my landlord and he was understanding if I am late, but I am confident that the money I need for rent and phone bill will be forthcoming in time for me to pay them by the due dates!

In addition to the financial assistance that has come in, I have been filled with energy and inspiration, and in 48 hours I accomplished a LOT of work on my to-do list as well!

Here is my personal gratitude list that I wrote in the Group session Tuesday:


  • For the beautiful home I live in
  • For plenty of food to eat
  • For Electricity
  • For the Cell Phone I have
  • For the Internet
  • For all the wonderful people in my life!
  • For my intelligence
  • For the Inspiration I receive
  • For Phenomenal Sex!
  • For my perfect physical senses: sight, hearing, taste, smell & touch
  • For my perfect spiritual senses: of the one-ness of the universe
  • For technology!!! And the many ways it can be used for making life better and easier.
  • That I can Draw and Paint
  • That I can Sing
  • That my SatoriaNation concept is being spread world-wide and giving people hope!
  • That I have experience speaking before many different audiences in several states.
  • That I am a global Naked Life Coach
  • That I am a published author of 2 books and several articles and blogs
  • For Charlie Sheen quotes
  • That all the great authors I’ve ever read wrote what they wrote.
  • For parties!
  • For Hot Tubs!
  • For Inner Tubing!
  • For Picnics
  • For Camping!
  • For Grass!!! And every growing thing really!
  • For Cats
  • For my Naked Life Coaching Group participants.
  • For my good Conversation skills.
  • For my Wisdom at discerning the best answers to any question.
  • For my Fantastic Good Health
  • For my Enduring Youth and Vitality
  • For my Physical and Mental Fitness
  • For my Education
  • That I’m doing my Dream Career
  • That I am good with Technology, Computers, and Website building.
  • For beautiful Jewelry and Accessories like Hats, Gloves and Shoes
  • For Awesome, Exotic and Erotic Clothing
  • That I have More Than Enough to meet my Needs and Wants
  • For Being Born/Being Alive!!!
  • That WATER exists and Tastes Great!
  • For daydreams
  • That I can do New Things and Have New Experiences
  • For Travel
  • For Delicious Food

And a quick update, as of Dec 22, 2011, I am hugely grateful that my first two books are finished and published!

I hope this list has inspired your own gratitude. Share your list below!

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