Filling the New Year with Gratitude

Filling the New Year with Gratitude

We’ve all heard that attitude can make or break someone. But how does this apply in our daily lives? How can we cultivate an attitude that will propel us forward if our life seems hard or unforgiving sometimes? One attitude that can make a huge difference in your life is gratitude.

A naked life coaching group in Phoenix has put gratitude into action. One participant shared how gratitude repaired his relationship with his brother. For many years his brother had seemed to him to be very negative about everything that he was involved in, such as starting his own business. Through coaching he turned the situation around in his mind and started to cultivate gratitude that this brother really cared about him, even if that caring wasn’t expressed in the positive way he wanted to receive it. During Christmas he expressed thanks to his brother for all that caring, and the family dinner was more stress-free than it had been in a long time!

At one meeting each participant made a gratitude list and shared it, and as the list was read, the rest of the participants were reminded of additional things to be grateful for. The room lightened, and each went forth, knowing that life actually is good!

Why gratitude? Gratitude helps us in so many areas. Have you ever been angry with a person who was genuinely grateful to you? It would seem silly wouldn’t it? So, if you approach everyone in your life with an attitude of gratitude, their attitude towards you will certainly be welcoming! This attitude also creates an energetic state that allows the universe to shower us with blessings, putting the law of attraction to work to deliver new and better results in your life.

Filling the New Year with Gratitude

Be especially grateful around the things that currently bother you. Any worry, doubt, anger or fear can be turned into a gratitude. For example, a worry about bills could be turned into gratitude for a place to live, hot water, and electricity. Gratitude shifts us into being happy and peaceful. Try it! Make a list of everything you’re grateful for, today!

Read more about gratitude and see an example list.

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