Discover Your True Desires

What are Your True Desires?

One of the most powerful ways to begin to move forward in your life, into your dreams, is to recognize and celebrate what your dreams truly are. Often we hide what we truly desire from ourselves, because we’re afraid we can’t get it, or perhaps we’ve been told by others that we shouldn’t want it… the reasons we don’t acknowledge what we truly want usually stem from a fear of some sort. However, when we do actually begin to think only of what we truly desire, we are then able to tap into our creative powers to bring that desire into being.

Here’s a quick and easy way to access your true desires. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Feel your energy circulating in your body with each inhale and exhale. Just breath for a moment or so, focusing only on your breathing and how it feels in your body. Then complete this sentence, “If I were not afraid, I would _______”. Keep repeating and completing the sentence until you have uttered everything you would ___ if you were not afraid. If possible, have a friend write them down as you say them, or record them with a voice recorder and write them down afterward. If you have a friend help it is important that they say nothing, just listen and write.

What are Your True Desires?

Now you have a list of your true desires. Spend some time cherishing these desires every day. Give them room in your mind to expand and grow. And watch what shows up to help you fulfill them!

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