Change Your Mind, Change Your Body

The latest diet or the latest fitness craze, when you begin any definite plan of action you are in effect utilizing a tool that will allow your mind to accept the fact that you control your reality. The effect of will, mind over matter, is also the cause of the placebo effect.

Want to “lose weight”? Try “becoming slimmer” instead. Look at yourself in the mirror every day, and tell yourself “Wow, I am even slimmer today than I was yesterday!” It helps to set a deadline by which you’ll reach your goal weight. Your deadline should be semi-believable, but stretch your power of belief with it.

This Naked Life Coaching Client Lost 45 lbs without dieting

This Naked Life Coaching Client Lost 45 lbs without dieting

You can also start up a conscious connection with your subconscious, and give it directives to help you achieve your goal. Our subconscious automatically regulates every function of our bodies, so a good step to take is to sit privately, and address your subconscious mind, either speaking aloud or internally.

Say to your subconscious “I recognize that you have regulated my body always with the best of intentions for me, now I want you to realize that having my body in it’s current state no longer serves me in any way, and I hereby direct you to regulate my body in such a way that by (goal date) I will be at (goal weight), slim, fit and completely healthy. Thank you for cooperating with my intention to now be the best that I can be in all ways.”

If it is necessary for you to bolster your belief, you can use a small tool, such as David Douglas of Phoenix Arizona did. “Since I ‘knew’ that Mountain Dew was ‘bad’ for me, I told myself I could reach my goal weight if I just stopped drinking it. Within a few months I had slimmed down to where I wanted to be. Now I allow myself to drink all the Mountain Dew I want, with the knowledge that my body is capable of maintaining itself at my current level. Now I’m moving on to manifest the other things in my life I’d like to have,” says David.

As you can see, it’s ok to use a small tool if that helps you to accomplish your goal. Just make it a minute change, and make it something you enjoy. Whatever aids your power of belief and makes you feel good about what you’re doing will do the trick!

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