I Was A Toxic Partner

Valentine’s Day is next Friday, so I’ve spent some time reflecting on my romantic relationships. I used to be a toxic partner. I can admit that now. Not intentionally, but I had no clue that I had a hidden relationship pattern, caused by my parents’ divorce. This pattern was sabotaging my relationship. Through my last toxic relationship, the breakup, and heartbreak that followed, I learned soooooo much!

Afterwards, I was single for seven years. It sucked because I really wanted to have a good relationship. However, I was definitely attracting the wrong people, or the people I was attracted to weren’t into me. I learned along the way and kept growing. I finally figured it out.
That’s when I met someone who had a mutual attraction to me.
We dated for a year, and he was a good guy. But there was still something missing. I learned and tweaked again.
When I finally met my sweetheart, I was ready and able to be a divine partner.
When we first started dating, I actually told him, “I want to be the best partner you’ll ever have, I’m going to ruin you for other women.”
We have now been together almost three years. Our relationship is absolutely fabulous, as anyone (even random people) who’ve seen us together can attest. We are divinely in love and he is the perfect partner for me, and I do my best to be his perfect partner.
And guess what?! In three years, we’ve never actually even HAD an argument. Instead of useless and hurtful fighting, we have clarity discussions that are supported by sound communication. And we’ve only had five discussions of this nature.
I believe it’s because I put to practice all that I learned about how to be a better partner. We established our relationship on a good footing, and kept it that way through clear communication and appreciation of each other.
If I can only say one thing that would improve your existing relationships, it is to focus on what you do love and appreciate about your partner. Just as in manifestation, focus only on what you DO want! If you are unsure where to start in this process, I would love to help you.
All of the additional things I learned and practice to find your perfect partner and have wonderful relationships are in my book, Secret Weapons of Mass Orgasm: The Science of Sex & The Artistry of Love, available on Amazon.
Putting my past experiences to work, I love to help heartbroken people heal from toxic relationships and meet your perfect partner, *without* wasting time dating the wrong people, OR chasing after people that “just aren’t that into you”, through a step by step process that allows you to meet the best person for you AND begin building new healthy relationships from the start.

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