Beyond Naked Special Offer

Do you want to feel “large and in charge” of your life? Are you tired of merely surviving when you know you could be thriving, if you had the right tools? Do you long for more balance and harmony in your life? Do you think there’s something that “successful” happy people know that has somehow eluded you up until now? If you answered yes, well, your instincts are right! I didn’t set out to become a coach, author, or teacher, let alone a naked one! I grew up in a tiny township in Michigan, with ultra-conservative SDA Christian parents. My family was poor. We were on food stamps, lived in a house perpetually under construction by my do-it-yourself dad, and I remember wearing other church-school-kids hand-me-downs. I was bullied relentlessly in my first four years of school (yes, bullying happens even in tiny church schools). I was asthmatic and to […]