Reality is a Reflection of You

If your life is full of peace, it’s a reflection of your inner peace. If your life is spattered with conflict, it’s a reflection of your inner conflict. This philosophy changed my life at a young age. I took it to heart, and I began to realize that if I admired something about someone, or hated something about someone, either way it was because they reminded me of some aspect that I liked or disliked about myself. As a result, I no longer could get angry or upset with anyone, at least, not for very long. Similarly, I found that people responded to my self-image. If I felt like I was looking good, I would get complimented and admired. If I felt crappy, not so much. If I felt successful, I would easily succeed. The times I’ve felt like a failure, again, not so much. In a way, our conscious […]

reality is a reflection of you