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On The Lou Show 11/27/2011 Lou interviews Nadine Sabulsky about Naked Life Coaching, her book Living the Naked Life, the Occupy Wall Street Movement, and her Satoria Nation project.

The Lou Show

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If something in your life is not going the way that you want, it is helpful to examine the thoughts that you had leading up to it. For example: you might want a new car, but your thoughts about it are limiting. You might be saying ‘I want a new car but I can’t afford it’ or ‘I hope my current car lasts until I can get a new one next year.’ Both of those example thoughts provide limitation on what you will allow the universe to deliver into your life. Instead, ask for what you want, in an open manner. To quote one of the most famous human beings ever known: ‘Ask, believing you have already received… knock and the door will be opened.’

Change Your Mind, Change Your Body

The latest diet or the latest fitness craze, when you begin any definite plan of action you are in effect utilizing a tool that will allow your mind to accept the fact that you control your reality. The effect of will, mind over matter, is also the cause of the placebo effect. Want to “lose weight”? Try “becoming slimmer” instead. Look at yourself in the mirror every day, and tell yourself “Wow, I am even slimmer today than I was yesterday!” It helps to set a deadline by which you’ll reach your goal weight. Your deadline should be semi-believable, but stretch your power of belief with it. You can also start up a conscious connection with your subconscious, and give it directives to help you achieve your goal. Our subconscious automatically regulates every function of our bodies, so a good step to take is to sit privately, and address your […]