Oops I did it AGAIN! How to Access the Healing Power of Forgiveness

Oops! I messed up, AGAIN!

We all make mistakes. So how can we quickly move beyond the feelings of blame, shame, guilt, anger, pain and resentment when we, or our friends, family and loved ones, make mistakes?

How to Stop Relationship Pain and Find the Love

I recently posted a status on my Facebook page. It was after I had a slight disagreement with a friend and he took it over the top, in my opinion. So I posted, “When a misogynistic man doesn’t want to hear a woman he attempts to marginalize her by ignoring what she is saying and labeling her behavior as: controlling, demanding, manipulative, crazy, bitchy, evil, etc. If that still doesn’t shut her up he resorts to insults. Usually she just wants to be heard. To have a chance to air her grievances as much as he airs his.” Then a girlfriend messaged me saying her boyfriend was doing the same thing. I had to quickly rethink. I knew my friend was misogynistic, and I also knew her boyfriend wasn’t, in fact, he was the opposite! The two common elements between these men? They were both very stressed out. Unfortunately, men AND […]

use a talking stick and a timer to take turns fairly

One World Time

For centuries humans have marked time using day and night as a benchmark. We have marked days, using the movement of earth (with its tilted axis) around the sun, as days grow shorter or longer due to the degree of tilt and the oblong orbit bringing us closer or further from the sun, creating semi-predictable climate changes throughout the course of what we call a “year”. Although much of the world now uses the Gregorian Calendar with its 52 weeks of 7 days each, there are still around 47 other calendars in use today! In addition to keeping track of “days” of a “year”, we have broken each complete cycle of day and night down to approximately 24 hours, and each hour down to 60 minutes, with one minute consisting of 60 seconds each. Then each area around the world has a different time zone, which attempts to match up […]

UIT! Magazine

We are proud to announce that Nadine Sabulsky was a featured interview for the Netherlands Naturist Magazine, UIT! See below for a translation of the full interview. [nggallery id=4] OUT! Magazine – Summer 2013 (English Translation) Nadine Sabulsky speaks OUT! The Naked Life Coach teaches people to love themselves Naked on the coaching chair: it’s not exactly a customary view, but the American Nadine Sabulsky (37) has made it her profession. As The Naked Life Coach she helps people in her naked practice with shaping their dream life. Text: Katja Kreukels Pictures: Brian Gilmore Photography, Steven Goldstein (Keyhole Photography) Why did you decide to coach people naked? “For me it’s the perfect match. I myself love being naked and it helps people to put off their mask. Physical freedom gives more mental and spiritual freedom, in my experience. You can develop your complete honesty and have nothing to hide. You […]

Nude Art Night!

Nova Hall and Nadine Sabulsky team up to present: Nude Art Night! A monthly event featuring 2 models who pose nude, and artists of any medium are welcome to come create (and be nude) with us! Our past events have been quite fun! Anyone who is interested in attending is hereby invited… Check our schedule and RSVP on Meetup at Ticket presale available at 30 Day Advance Sale $35 15 Day Advance Sale $40 7 Day Advance Sale $45 Event registration cutoff is 48 hours prior to event.  Door tickets are $50 Event limited to 150 attendees The newly revamped event debuts July 20, 2019, from 8-11pm, and continues each month on 3rd Saturdays. Depending on community interest we may add more events. See Full Event Details, and current upcoming events at Hope to see you at one of them! Please feel free to forward this invitation […]

Nude Art Night

Graduation Special! SAVE 20% ’til June 30

Whether you’re graduating from high school, college, want to give your graduate a special gift, or just want to take your life to a whole new level, come in and take advantage of this special offer from The Naked Life Coach! SAVE 20% ALL MONTH ON ALL SESSIONS! The Naked Life Coach offers a refreshing new approach to: Business Coaching Relationship Coaching Personal Coaching Group Coaching What is Naked Life Coaching? A perfect blend of: Traditional Life Coaching Self-Actualization Law of Attraction Applied Quantum Mechanics Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Transform Your Life, NOW! The sky’s the limit… What do you want to change? Come in, and let me help! Improve Your: Career Health Body Image Creativity Relationships Release Phobias And More! SAVE 20% and Book Your Session TODAY! PS: Come out to the Book Release and Signing Party on June 22nd! I’d love to see you there!

Grand Opening!

Friday May 11, 2012 Come Mix, Mingle and WIN! Nadine Sabulsky (The Naked Life Coach, Author) and DeAnna Bennett (Life Coach, Reconnection Therapist) have teamed up and are opening their new office at 2375 E. Camelback, Suite 600, Phoenix AZ 85016. To celebrate, we’re throwing a GRAND OPENING CELEBRATION! Come Mix, Mingle, and Win! Meet us in person if you haven’t had a chance to already, get your questions about Naked Life Coaching and/or Reconnective Therapy answered, and of course, HAVE FUN! Soft Drinks, Snacks, and Door Prizes will be provided! We’re giving away free sessions, books, and more! Oh yes, there will be a surprise bonus for you there as well! Come help us CELEBRATE!!! Send your name and the names of any guests you’ll be bringing to: Date: Friday May 11, 2012 Time: 7:00 – 9:00 PM Location: 2375 E Camelback Rd. Suite 600, Phoenix AZ 85016 […]

Healing experience visiting your website this morning…

JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn has sent you a message. Date: 12/11/2011 Subject: Healing experience visiting your website this morning… Dear Nadine, Thnx for connecting on Linkedin. I got around to visiting your website today and I kept turning off the song that plays as I was clicking through the pages and digging deeper into the experience of you I finally let the song play through. As a media designer when I experience a site that is what I do. I experience it and then I evaluate WOW what was that?!&% I found myself welling up with tears and having a really deep surge of healing waves wash away guilts shame and fear and joy come bubbling up. I could say it was from listening to that song but really I had to move through the site for a while before I was ready to let that in. So I consider it was more than […]