Your Ride

I recently saw a video of a woman who was completely out of control of her body and vocal cords. She was grunting and flopping around on the ground, trying unsuccessfully to stand up. It was heartbreaking to watch the EMTs try to help her, and finally restrain her and put her on the ambulance. According to her neighbors she had done PCP and a hit of crack, then (possibly) had a stroke. When I see people who are seemingly so lost, I often (as I’m sure many of you do) wonder what drives them to this point. Are they lonely? Depressed? In search of a thrill? Irresponsible? I will admit, I’ve done a few drugs in my time. But none of them ever made me desperate for more… I guess I would call myself an experimenter. I enjoy trying new things. But… I like to be conscious and aware […]