Naked Hippies Roadtrip Meets The Naked Life Coach!

By Bruce & Trisha Barnes (This article has been reposted from the Naked Hippies Blog) We had two main goals when we pulled up stakes and headed out to live our dream…living, working, traveling in our camper full time on a never-ending roadtrip: 1.  To get to warm weather (which led us to Phoenix) 2.  To meet Nadine, The Naked Life Coach (who lives in Phoenix!) Nadine Sabulsky is an author, motivational speaker and life coach who conducts personal live coaching both in the greater Phoenix area, as well as worldwide through 1-1 video conferencing and group webcasts. For several months, we have been watching her videos, reading her emails and blog posts to learn how she has so successfully combined mine and Bruce’s passions – naturism and personal development (plus my aspiring dream to write a book!) We eagerly signed up to attend her group coaching session and as the evening […]

Back Talk on the Air with Ed Kornel

Neurosurgeon Ezriel “Ed” Kornel interviews Nadine Sabulsky live on WOR Radio, channel AM 710 in New York City. Topics covered include the Occupy Wall Street Movement and Naked Life Coaching. It’s an hour-long show, feel free fast-forward to minute 43 to go straight to the interview. Listen to the interview…