The Healing Power of Giving Thanks

It’s funny how often we focus on what’s not going right. Our boss is a jerk. Our kids aren’t obeying. We’re stressed about finances. Our significant other has an annoying habit. Our best friend looks better or gets more attention than we do. We get caught in rush hour. Or we find something else to dislike or hate about ourselves or our lives. Being thankful cures many of these ills, almost instantly! It shifts our focus from what is “wrong” to what is “right” in our world, and by so doing, we shift our energy into a higher vibrational tune, uplifting not only ourselves, but all with whom we come into contact. With Thanksgiving fast approaching, what do you find you’re thankful for this year? Maybe your boss IS a big fat jerk. But by being thankful for the job you have when so many don’t have a source of […]