Beyond Naked Special Offer

Do you want to feel “large and in charge” of your life?

Are you tired of merely surviving when you know you could be thriving, if you had the right tools?

Do you long for more balance and harmony in your life?

Do you think there’s something that “successful” happy people know that has somehow eluded you up until now?

If you answered yes, well, your instincts are right!

I didn’t set out to become a coach, author, or teacher, let alone a naked one! I grew up in a tiny township in Michigan, with ultra-conservative SDA Christian parents. My family was poor. We were on food stamps, lived in a house perpetually under construction by my do-it-yourself dad, and I remember wearing other church-school-kids hand-me-downs. I was bullied relentlessly in my first four years of school (yes, bullying happens even in tiny church schools). I was asthmatic and to top it off was allergic to almost every pollen, cats, and quite a few food items as well. Oh, did I mention I was catastrophically brain injured at age 4? Luckily brains are “plastic.” They didn’t know that in 1980.

Because of all that, I became a reader. It was free. It gave me something to do since I couldn’t run and play with the other kids (due to my asthma and allergies). At age 10 I discovered science fiction. The best sci-fi includes elements of current science. I was reading about quantum physics and string theory before those words were even in the public lexicon. I became interested in sociology, psychology, paranormal abilities, history, culture, world religions, and most of all, human potential. I quickly got the idea that I could change myself, and therefore change my circumstances.

In grade 5 I became the “popular kid”, and the bullying was over. Since then, I’ve read well over 4,000 books (don’t worry, I’m not going to recommend that you read all of them!).

Over time, as I learned and practiced this discipline of “self-improvement”, I accomplished quite a lot in my own life. I…

  • Became popular and well-liked
  • Cured all my allergies
  • Eliminated my asthma
  • Owned and operated 5 successful businesses (and 2 “failures”)
  • Single-momedly raised an amazingly mature 19 year old who is now in her first year of college
  • Met the love of my life
  • Attracted the resources I needed, when I needed them
  • Started teaching my techniques to others, with spectacular results!

My clients have:

  • Regained their energy
  • Developed emotional balance
  • Healed themselves of injuries, scars and illnesses
  • Repaired their relationships, even from the brink of divorce
  • Established new romantic relationships (if single)
  • Overcome stress, phobias, fears, anxiety, anger, and other harmful patterns
  • Successfully established businesses or increased their income
  • …And more! (See client results)

This Saturday, for the first time ever, I will begin teaching the program of “everything I know”. This series of classes literally covers everything I’ve learned from thousands of teachers, books, and my own practical experience.

No matter what you want to change or improve in your life, the principles are the same. Along with principles, you need tactics, techniques, and planning. A little of each of these goes a long way when they are based on correct principles. Unfortunately, the majority of what we learn throughout our lives, from schools, parents, and on the job, is usually not based on correct principles but rather a conglomeration of whatever they have decided about life. Now, you have the opportunity to decide for yourself. How do you want your life to be, really? Wouldn’t you like to know the correct principles to create that dream life for yourself?

As one of my Naked Life Coaching Group attendees and reader of my book said,

“Your work is above and beyond anything I’ve seen or read. I’ve never seen so much knowledge gathered together in one book, along with your unique and genuine insights. It really is a treasure trove for anyone who wants to improve their life, and shift their paradigm to a new reality. Consciousness is the next wave in human evolution and you’re at the forefront of that.”              ~ Hari Jap

Coming from yoga teacher and founder of the Center for Divine Awakening, Hari Jap, that is high praise indeed!

So I decided to call my new series of classes “Beyond Naked: The Total Paradigm Shift for Your New Reality”. Thanks Hari Jap! You happened to call and say that just when I was brainstorming a name for this series. Just another example of how we manifest exactly what we need when we need it.

They say it takes 21 days to change or create a habit. In this series of classes I’m going to give you all of the condensed and refined wisdom I’ve developed. You’re going to learn all the things you wish they’d taught you in school, in 21 easy weekly lessons. Things like relationship skills, emotional management skills, communication skills, life planning and time management/organization skills, and how metaphysics plays a part in all of these and more!

This series of classes is extremely comprehensive, from the foundation you’ll get in Metaphysics, Physics, Neuroscience and Communication, to Time Management and Dream Life Design, all the way to Improving Your Body and Your Sex Life. See the entire series here.

The special offer mentioned in the video is now expired. However, you still save $103 when you register for the entire series. You’ll want to jump on this if you really want to save big! 

When this class is finished, the total success library set of all the DVDs, Books, Audio Recordings, Workbooks and Q & A sessions will retail for $1997. Get in on the “ground floor” and get to attend the live classes, going on now through June 21, and save BIG!

One registration allows you to attend live in Phoenix, join in the discussion live online from anywhere, or watch the replay at your convenience for up to 90 days after the event. You’ll also receive the class workbook, and get to participate in live Q & A Sessions with Nadine.

If you attended each class separately, you’d pay a total of $600. Snag this deal and get the entire series for only $447!

Your registration includes live attendance either physically or by web simulcast, as well as access to the class recordings and workbook.



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