Get 10% for Every Referral!

Did you know I offer 10% CASH for every referral you send my way? That’s right, whenever someone you referred purchases a service or merchandise, directly from me, I’ll send you $$$

Why pay for referrals?

Let’s face it, people often choose to do business with those that their friends recommend. So, if you know and love me, your Naked Life Coach, spread the word!

Just make sure to have them tell me who referred them 😉

Once they’ve completed their session or purchase, I will reach out to you and I can either send you a check or money order, or transfer instantly to PayPal or Venmo, or even Facebook Messenger.

Thank you again for the trust you place in me,



PS: I love hearing when I’ve done a great job! If you had an awesome experience with The Naked Life Coach, please take a moment and leave a review on my Yelp or Google page. Thanks again!

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Transformational Speaker, Coach, Author, Mom, Movie Star, Super-Heroine, Synergist, Karaoke Singer, Dancer, Serial Entrepreneur, Adventuress, Inventor, Designer, Goddess & More! Nadine Sabulsky is the Prima Imagina of SatoriaNation and Originator/Developer of Naked Life Coaching™

One thought on “Get 10% for Every Referral!

  • Dave

    Much appreciated for your truly insightful and superlative content to say the least. I’m inspired,enthusiastic and would love to serve you as you serve others in all demographics,genders and sexual orientations. Briefly and in ,thanks to you,uninhibited necked in mind body and tormented soul my sincerity and profound gratitude. You’ve opened a closed door to the seemingly endless possibilities of travel internal and external. After morning prayer and masturbation I had planned to study the wealth of information you have sent via email.thanks coach and the title of coach few ever achieve the embodiment. Necked in your service an old unemployed army veteran and rodeo man Namaste

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