Nude Art Night!

Nude Art Night! is a community-based clothing-optional event that features nude models and during which the artists can also be naked and/or model. Whatever level of nudity (or non-nudity) you feel comfortable with is welcome! All artists who work with any medium(s) (sketching, drawing, painting, sculpting, photography, film, graphic design, poetry, music etc.) and all models of any type are welcome! We are based in the Phoenix Metro area. Check our calendar for the next event!

Nude Art Night! Sexy Tutu Jan 29, 2016

Join us for a very special open studio featuring Crystal & Pierre from House of Cirque. The theme for this event is “Sexy Tutu” so bring a tutu and strut your stuff!

Crystal Cruz

Crystal Cruz



Event Details:

Models: Crystal Cruz & Pierre

Location: 4202 E Darrel Rd. Phoenix AZ 85042

Date: Friday, January 29th, 2016

Time: Doors open at 7:45 PM*. Models begin at 8:30. Event lasts until 11:00 PM.

About the Models:
Named Best of the Valley 2015, Crystal Cruz is the ultimate daredevil and forefront performance artist. Founder and Director of House of Cirque, Phoenix’s circus arts school and entertainment company. From acrobatic stilts, burlesque, fire, side-show, aerial, performance art, and everything in between, Crystal lives to share her passions with audiences and students.

Pierre loves to express his creativity through the physical arts of exotic dance, stilt performance, modeling, and body building. He has been performing and modeling with House of Cirque for 3 years & has performed with male revues across the country.

This event is hosted by Nadine Sabulsky, The Naked Life Coach, in conjunction with Nova Hall, Nude Art Night! founder.

Before January 10 $30
Jan 10 – 27 $35
Door sales $40

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*Note: if this is your first Nude Art Night, or if it’s been a while since you attended, please arrive by 8:00 for Orientation

**Note: Attendance limited to 30 people. Online ticket sales cut off at 48 hours before the event. Please contact Nadine at 480-779-0886 to check if there is still space available after online ticket sales end.

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7:45 – Doors Open

8:00 – Orientation and Introduction to Featured Models & Artists

8:15 – Artist Set-up

8:30 – Doors Close

8:30 – Model #1 Pose in Living Room
Guests pose in Studio

9:00 – Model #2 Pose in Studio Room
Guests pose in Living Room
Model #1 Break 15 min/Photo Booth 15 min (clothing optional)

9:30 – Artist Tips & Tricks

9:45 – Model #1 Pose in Studio Room
Guests pose in Living Room
Model #2 Photo Booth 15 min/Break 15 min (clothing optional)

10:15 – Model #2 Pose in Living Room
Guests pose in Studio and Photobooth

10:45 – Official Event Photographer documents works produced
Artist Pack up time

11:15 – Doors Close

Event Guidelines

Guests and models must be at least 18 years of age.

Doors open at 7:45 and close to arrivals at 8:30. If you are a new guest you must arrive by 8:00 for Orientation.

Upon arrival, please check in with your ID, provide your contribution or your ticket receipt, and sign our Guest Registry.

Guests are invited to model during scheduled times. All guests are invited to get naked or stay clothed to their comfort level.

If you are interested in posing, sign up on our Posing Sheet, and we will schedule you to pose on a first-come, first served basis.

Guests are not allowed to touch the models for any reason.

Photographers: Some models are comfortable posing nude for various styles of art, others may not be comfortable posing nude for Photography. Each Model decides individually. Please respect that.

We desire to provide an environment where both the models and all types of artists can enjoy and benefit from this event. With that in mind, we are limiting photography in the main posing areas, and models will pose for photography in the photo-booth area at scheduled times.

Photographs are not allowed outside of the Photo-booth. Painting/Drawing artists may request a single reference photo, if the Model approves it.

In the Photo-Booth
Models have the option to be clothed or cover portions of their anatomy.
Please ask the model about taking specific photos (for example: close-ups) or for specific poses, and respect the model’s “No thank you”.

Please be aware of your path when moving around, and avoid visually blocking other artists during the posing times.

Staff room is for models and event staff only.

Models are paid a percentage of the ticket prices, however that amount is much less than a model would get paid if posing for an individual artist at an hourly rate. Please do tip the models at the end of their posing times, thank you.

PS: This event is open to all artists, including beginning and aspiring artists as well as those who have never even created art in the past but who would like to try it out!

Interested in being our featured model? Attend at least one Nude Art Night! as a guest, and let us know you’d like to be featured!

Come enjoy creating art!

We will be providing light refreshments, and will likely have some additional art supplies on hand to share, but please do also bring your own.

Tickets $35-45 advance registration, $50 at the door.

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