I’ll be Appearing on The List, national TV Show, July 14!

To celebrate National Nude Day, The List is doing a special episode all about different things to do while Naked. They got in touch with me, and asked me to be on their positive and upbeat show. How could I refuse?!

The interview with Kristina Guerrero was a lot of fun, and as you can see in the pre-air pic below, which they were kind enough to send me, they got creative and fig-leafed me live using a plant from my meeting room, haha! Definitely an improvement over the blur effect, in my opinion.

The Naked Life Coach on The List with Kristina Guerrero

The Naked Life Coach on The List with Kristina Guerrero

Watch The List on July 14, 2017. It airs at 4:30 PM in Arizona on ABC 15. It is a nationally syndicated show, so if you’re not in AZ, click here to see what channels and times it will be on in your area. I can’t wait to watch!

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