Sneak Peek at My New Book

I’ve just been contacted to form a publishing partnership with one of the fastest growing publishing companies in the world! In order to gauge interest in my book they asked me to contact my existing list and create a presale offer for my book. So I’m taking it a just a step further…

Not only can you get an autographed copy of the book (mailed to you immediately upon it’s release) you can beef it up with copies of my previous books to round out your library, and even get personal coaching** from the one and only Naked Life Coach!

Here’s the new book cover concept*

Get-Naked! Overcome Your Negative Self-Image: Gain Power & Confidence in ANY Situation


  • Overcoming Your Negative Body Image
  • Your Self-Image Isn’t Just About Your Body
  • How Much of a Role does DNA Actually Play?
  • You are More than the Sum of Your Parts
  • Does Your Self-Image Influence Your Fate?
  • Your Self-Image and Your Health
  • Your Self-Image in All Your Relationships
  • Your Self-Image in Career or Business
  • Your Self-Image in Social Situations
  • Your Self-Image & Your Environment(s)

This book is guaranteed to be delivered (mailed or emailed to you based on reward level) by October 30, 2014

Participation automatically gets you access to any pre-publishing releases such as sample chapters and additional special offers. You can, of course, opt out at any time, and we promise to keep your information completely confidential.

*Cover design and content/chapter titles subject to change per publisher’s input/review.

**Coaching sessions may be used anytime within 1 year of purchase. Coaching sessions may be gifted to others. All coaching sessions/packages include:
– Free 30 Minute Strategy Consultation prior to your first session
– Coaching completely customized to your goals
– Audio recording(s) of your session(s)
– Typed notes of your session(s)
– Typed homework or recommendations from your session(s)

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PS: Please email me your personal feedback on the book concept and cover art. Is this topic of interest to you? If not, what would you like me to write about? What worries or problems keep you up at night?

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