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Secret Weapons of Mass Orgasm front cover

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Secret Weapons of Mass Orgasm front cover


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Length: Approx 400 pages

Have you ever had your heart broken?

Are you tired of serial monogamy or endless dating and want to have the best relationship(s) of your life?

Are you in a relationship now, but it’s “in a rut”?

Have you reached your full sexual potential?

Unfortunately… the secrets to powerful love, amazing orgasmic sex, and “magical” success in relationships are just not taught in school!

When you use the new skills and awareness you’ve gotten by this book, you will understand both yourself & others as never before, and gain the ability to have the easy, happy, and satisfying relationships you’ve always wanted!

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, “straight”, or LGBTQ, or in an alternative lifestyle, relationships are undoubtedly one of, if not THE most important aspect of our lives. Yet, even though there are classes for cooking, driving, and other useful skills, for some odd reason we’re never taught the skills that make relationships truly awesome!

Now you can learn the secret ingredients that will increase your emotional IQ, help you resolve conflicts, heal yourself from past emotional wounds, and, let’s not forget, have fabulous sex! In fact, your entire LIFE will become orgasmic!

This book is a no-holds-barred, tell-all how-to guide which will allow you to create true happiness and fulfillment in life. You’ll be able to love like a maestro, and know what to do (both in and out of the bedroom) in any type of relationship!

You’ll learn what ingredients make up attraction, and how to attract the right person for you!

You’ll learn about different relationship models, and what most often causes conflicts in relationships. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to resolve those conflicts in new ways, so they NEVER happen again!

You’ll learn communication skills that will help you navigate like a pro through any type of romantic or sexual relationship, as well as at work and with family and friends!

You’ll learn how to successfully manage your own emotions, from overcoming fear, grief, anger, trauma, phobias and stress, to generating happiness, joy, peace, and love!

You’ll learn sexual anatomy, how your & your partner’s bodies work. You’ll also learn the best sexual techniques and how to generate a truly orgasmic connection with your partner that transcends the physical.

* Secrets from tantra, yoga, martial arts and massage revealed! *

You’ll learn conscious dating skills, from how to meet someone, to flirting skills, making the “first move”, and how to move beyond dating and into the bedroom, including having the all important “talk” before sex!

You’ll learn how to overcome abuse, dismiss your inner monsters, and how to set free your sexy inner beast, so you can love both yourself and your partner unconditionally!

You’ll learn about alternative lifestyles, from the LBGTQ community, to Polyamory, BDSM and more!

This Kindle Exclusive edition includes a live linked reference section, so you can quickly find all recommended reading books and articles, and a free downloadable pdf: Easy Chapter by Chapter Homework Guide

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I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it for you!



PS: 3 Special BONUSES are included for a limited time! When you buy the book today, you’ll get these FREE guides as bonuses (a $3.99 value when purchased separately)

BONUS #1: Getting it Right: An Easy Guide to Resolving Conflicts

BONUS #2: Everything is Trance-able – a Quick & Easy Guide to Meditation

BONUS #3: Attracting Cupid: Online Dating Dos & Don’ts

Finally, complete sex education, spanning everything from the latest knowledge of metaphysics, neuroscience, and biology, to attraction, communication & emotional management, negotiation & boundary setting. From flirting to in the bedroom, sexual positions & techniques, self-pleasure, and different types of orgasms. Get a clear look at different lifestyles; from Tantra to BDSM, LGBTQ, Poly, more!

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