It’s Been a Busy Year So Far!

Wow! How time flies! I have been super busy. So busy I didn’t even realize how long it’s been since I last blogged… a major update is in order!

Hmm there’s so much… where do I begin?

This month marks my 5 Year Anniversary as The Naked Life Coach! Hurray! I’m going to be posting a new Special Offer to celebrate, so stay tuned…

For those of you in the Phoenix Area, I’ll be onstage at L.U.S.T. at Mind’s Eye in Mesa tonight around 10:30 pm. I’ll be there from 9:00 pm until midnight, so come out and say hi 🙂

I am still working on my fourth book: Get Naked! Overcome Your Negative Self-Image and Gain Power & Confidence in Any Situation. I expected to release that in October but other things took priority over writing for a while. It will definitely be released this year, and of course I will post to let you know as soon as possible!

I am now reading and recording an audio version of my first book, Living the Naked Life: 10 Ways to Expose Your Unlimited Creation Abilities. I am very excited about that!

I’ve been studying more and more human potential resources, from NLP, neuroscience, physical sciences, and more! I love learning soooo much!

I’m now offering 3 new personal coaching programs: for Flow, Growth, and Power. I’m also working on a brand new initial assessment session offer. More info on that will be posted today as well.

I’m working on putting together a new class for independent salespeople and entrepreneurs.

I also just started offering pay-per-minute coaching and advice. I’m looking into getting my own line set up, but for now I’m using NiteFlirt to facilitate that service. Yes, it’s a phone sex site. No, I do not do phone sex haha. I will, however, give you great phone sex-advice, as well as advice on any other topic 😉

One of my clients just released her first book. An artist friend of mine also just released his pinup art of me. And I got permission from one of my favorite authors to reprint my favorite article of hers to share with you all. I’ll be blogging more details about all of these exciting developments in the near future…

I’ve gotta run for now… There is so much fun stuff coming up! Stay tuned for more exciting news soon!

What’s new and exciting in your life? Comment and let me know!

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