How to Meet Your Perfect Partner – Free Training!

I’ve received quite a few messages recently asking how I met my amazing partner. So I was thinking of creating a free training where I show you exactly how I met him, and even more importantly, how we’ve made our relationship so wonderful from the start, and how that’s lasted throughout the years we’ve been together. But, I want to make sure this training is AWESOME!

You (yes you) can help me make it awesome by answering a few short questions so I can make sure I deliver for you all!

Please note, the webinar software I plan to use only holds 50 attendees, so I will ONLY be sending the link out to the people that take the time to fill out this survey and tell me what they want to learn!

PLEASE BE SPECIFIC! Short answers won’t help me or you, and I want to help you! So gimme all the details!

If you could help me out, take a few minutes and answer the survey questions!

Now, because I’m such a geek, I actually made two surveys…

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