Naked Life Coaching: The Revelation

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Naked Life Coaching: The Revelation


Posted on 08/24/2011 by lumberjacks94 – republished with permission from the author.


This journey is taking me out of my comfort zone.

But it’s hard to imagine being more uncomfortable than sitting naked in a room around people who DON’T want to have sex with you.

But there I was last night sitting around five other men in a room at the Phoenix Goddess Temple with no clothes on, telling a naked woman what I want in life and asking her how to get it.

If you haven’t heard of “Naked Life Coaching” don’t be surprised — just about everybody I told about it to asked, “what the hell is that??” In short, you get to the “naked” truth about yourself.

The woman who runs the program believes nudity helps honesty and people to peel away their barriers that stand in their way of getting what they want. Of course, it also helps to know what you want and she tries to dig that out of you as well.

It emphasizes mind over matter thinking and CHOOSING to be happy, not being a victim and letting life happen to you. It also helps you learn to not worry about being judged and to do what you truly want.

I will admit it’s odd and definitely not for everyone.  For the first few minutes before undressing I wasn’t even sure I was going to like this. One guy my age just got up and walked out near the beginning.

Nadine, the instructor looked at him quizically and asked, “Um, you’re leaving?” He turned around slowly, looked at her and just made a face to say, “what does it look like lady?” and walked out the door.  I would like to know what set him over the edge.

But right after he left it was time to remove our clothing and sit in a circle on couches.  She started with me because I was the new guy.  I told her about the new healthier journey I was on and how I have figured out to do things for myself and create my own happiness.

Despite having no obvious professional training in any of this (she said she was a stripper…..guess it makes sense), the advice she and the other guys gave actually made sense to me. Furthermore, after about 5 minutes I actually forgot that I was naked if you can believe that. It is amazing what the brain can train itself to do.

Anyway, I got a homework assignment. It is to not dog on myself either in my head or out loud. I have already promised 10 pushups to somebody everytime I do that and now i have two reasons not to.

Chalk this up to another successful foray outside my comfort zone!!



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