#1 Life Coach in Scottsdale – Ranked A+ by Expertise.com

Expertise.com Award for Best Life Coaches in Scottsdale 2021

I’m pleased to announce…

Expertise.com gave The Naked Life Coach an A+ rating and selected me as one of the Best Life Coaches in Scottsdale for 2021!Expertise.com Award for Best Life Coaches in Scottsdale 2021

While the blurb about each business is placed alphabetically by company name, I’m one of only 3 who ranked A+, and out of those, have the highest number of reviews, at 97 (and counting). So I want to send a big shout out to all my awesome clients who helped make this possible by leaving a review… Thank you all so much, and let’s continue to make 2021 an amazing year!

Read the full article, including their selection and ranking criteria, at https://www.expertise.com/az/scottsdale/life-coaches

Jump straight to The Naked Life Coach ranking at https://www.expertise.com/az/scottsdale/life-coaches#TheNakedLifeCoach

Expertise Ranks TNLC A+ Best Life Coach in Phoenix

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