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We are proud to announce that Nadine Sabulsky was a featured interview for the Netherlands Naturist Magazine, UIT!

See below for a translation of the full interview.

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OUT! Magazine – Summer 2013 (English Translation)

Nadine Sabulsky speaks OUT!
The Naked Life Coach
teaches people
to love themselves

Naked on the coaching chair: it’s not exactly a customary view, but the American Nadine Sabulsky (37) has made it her profession. As The Naked Life Coach she helps people in her naked practice with shaping their dream life.

Text: Katja Kreukels
Pictures: Brian Gilmore Photography, Steven Goldstein (Keyhole Photography)

Why did you decide to coach people naked?
“For me it’s the perfect match. I myself love being naked and it helps people to put off their mask. Physical freedom gives more mental and spiritual freedom, in my experience. You can develop your complete honesty and have nothing to hide. You are giving yourself, completely exposed and at the moment that you do, you overcome your embarrassment. I want people free from their guilt about being naked and learn to love themselves. Literally exposing people in addition helps you when changing from existing patterns. Through sitting naked across from me, it breaks the current [pattern] and makes you vulnerable and open for changes in your life. It is a first step, but for some it is a breakthrough in itself.”

Does the lack of clothing cause the [professional] distance between coach and client to be too small?
“A great distance could give a false sense of superiority and I am more on the same level. I am also a person of flesh and blood that has had similar experiences as my client. If a client nevertheless want to keep his clothes then I remain clothed to match his comfort level. This is not a peep show. But it does people good to step out of their box. If you’re naked, you hide no more from yourself.”

How does such a session work?
“During a session, I explain how the healing process works and I share my knowledge and experiences. I do encourage clients on their story and do not judge. People frequently find it very nice that someone is there for them completely. Then it is a matter of asking the right questions. And then show people how to ask themselves the right questions. The point is that they learn to identify themselves and discover their blockages. Only when you acknowledge your blocks, will you be able to eliminate them. I want people to learn from their own fears rather than be a prisoner of them. If you learn to let go of your fears, you get freedom, hope, power and creative energy in return.”

What problems do people come to you with?
“I recently had a man who had long suffered from low back pain. He thought he had strained something during exercise. A belief that he had created for himself, but physical complaints never stand alone. When he acknowledged that he was not comfortable in his skin and was prepared there with me to work, he gained more control over his own reality and his pain disappeared.”

What kind of clients do you get?
“I have many clients from the business world who want to step out of the box at once. I actually attract people of all ages and from all walks of life. Famous people have not been here [yet]. Twenty percent of my clients are nudists.”

Are clients sometimes difficult?
“I usually can screen people out over the telephone based on the kinds of questions they might ask me. I had one client who didn’t ask me any questions, just made an appointment, and during the session, he suddenly touched my leg and complimented me on my soft skin. I made it very clear: this is coaching, not a massage, not a touch session. Nude coaching for me has nothing to do with sexuality, but with openness and honesty. As my reputation has grown, I now no longer have much trouble from these types of false expectations.”

Is nudity something you just do professionally, or also as recreation?
“For me naked is something very natural and self-evident. There was a time that I worked as a topless dancer and found it no problem to show my body. Yet that is unlike being naked in an environment where everyone is nude. My first time visiting an adult beach felt very liberating, but I do not have to be naked every minute of the day. I love to dress up and go out on the town. I just want to have the choice and none of the boxes fit.”

How did you get the idea for this work?
“It grew slowly. Five years ago I was struggling with myself. I wanted to pursue my dreams and become less dependent on money, but at the same time I had to survive and pay my bills. The recession hit hard, and I was looking for a job. At one point a man offered me work as a model. He asked me if I wanted to go to his hotel room for a casting audition, but I did not trust it. To convince me he said, “Just try to imagine how happy you will be: a five-day photo shoot in New York.” Then I realized that I actually was happy and I dared to say no, even though I had so much need of work. I knew deep inside that I like to help other people to live their dream life. Now I teach others that you must try all the blockages to redirect to your desired reality.”

Nude coach does not really fit into the American culture…
“No, nudity and sexuality are a big taboo. A film having nudity in it is most censored. But nobody bothers if there is a shooting on the afternoon news. America is in my eyes the land of individual freedom. There is freedom if you fit into one of the accepted boxes with Judeo-Christian roots and do not go against sacred cows [dogma and tradition]. For me, freedom is that you can do what you want, as long as that freedom does not interfere with the same freedom another holds. Being naked is there also. In order to experience that freedom I have had to do a lot of self-work. I grew up in a conservative, Christian family. My parents wanted me to live according to the rules of the church. Very straight. There was no room for fairy tales and fantasy. However, I read everything I could lay my hands on and fed my curiosity about the world around me. I’ve always been kind of a rebel. You might say I’m a modern hippie. My father still asks. when will I get a real job…”

Nadine Sabulsky was born in 1975 and lives Phoenix, Arizona. She has one daughter. In order to establish herself as The Naked Life Coach she studied many subjects, including metaphysics, philosophy, history, sociology, psychology and neuro-linguistic programming. During the coaching, both Nadine and the client are naked. Skype sessions are available.

About Nadine Sabulsky

Transformational Speaker, Coach, Author, Mom, Movie Star, Super-Heroine, Synergist, Karaoke Singer, Dancer, Serial Entrepreneur, Adventuress, Inventor, Designer, Goddess & More! Nadine Sabulsky is the Prima Imagina of SatoriaNation and Originator/Developer of Naked Life Coaching™