Crafting Settings

Excerpt from “Living The Naked Life: 10 Ways to Expose Your Unlimited Creation Abilities” by Nadine Sabulsky

Most people would call these “affirmations”. I call them settings, because they are settings for what I want in my life all the time. To me, making a setting is like turning the knob on the mental radio to a new channel. With a new setting, I’m tuning in to a new reality. Here are a few of my personal settings. In Naked Life Coaching we examine the current settings in all areas of our lives, and create new settings that better describe what we want to create for ourselves.

Settings can be used for anything, large or small. It can be fun making settings, and it is easy too! Just think of something that you dislike, and then make a statement that is the opposite of it, and is something you do desire. It is important to make the setting statement a positive one, including whatever the aim of the setting is, and excluding what you are creating the setting to avoid. To illustrate, I have included my list of settings, and also the opposite setting which tends to create what I don’t like.

Sometimes you may want to make a grand over-sweeping setting like the first one on this list, and sometimes you may want to make a very specific setting such as the 5th one down. I have been gradually adding to this list for quite a while, when it suddenly struck me that although I disliked not having enough money, I had never created a money setting, so I did and immediately (within days) a new source of income opened up. Settings really are amazing!

Settings work in conjunction with the rest of the principles I’ve outlined in my book “Living The Naked Life: 10 Ways to Expose Your Unlimited Creation Abilities“. At the bottom of this page you’ll have an opportunity to download a free short edition of this book!

Here are some of my personal settings, contrasted with some common “bad reality” settings.


I am always young, fit, and healthy.

Vs. I am getting older and have to work out or watch my diet to stay in shape.

I can eat whatever I want and I stay fit & healthy.

Vs. I have to watch what I eat. I’m only healthy if I eat healthy.

My body regenerates every night while I sleep.

Vs. It sucks getting older.

I heal very quickly.

Vs. this will take a while, but it’ll heal eventually.

Insects leave me alone.

Vs. If there’s a mosquito within a mile it will smell my blood and come bite me (I actually heard someone say that!)


I love everyone and everyone loves me.

Vs. People are stupid, mean, and/or rotten, and I hate them.

I always meet great people.

Vs. You have to be careful who you trust. Or There are a lot of stupid people out there.

I accept people for who they are and who they want to be, and I am accepted for who I am and who I want to be.

Vs. You can make some people happy some of the time but you can’t make all of the people happy all of the time.


Traffic flows smoothly and quickly and vehicles just move right out of my way.

Vs. I hate getting stuck in rush hour!

I always get good parking.

Vs. I hope there’s a good parking spot available…

I always get green lights.

Vs. It takes forever to drive across town with all the stop lights on the way…

My vehicles always run great.

Vs. I hope this car will last until I can buy another one.


People leave my stuff alone.

Vs. Any body might be a thief so I better lock up my stuff.

I am always safe.

Vs. There are a lot of bad people out there so I better be careful who I let in my life. And I better stay in the “right” part of town.


I am prosperous and I always have money for whatever I want.

Vs. I’m broke. Or just when I start to get ahead something happens. Etc.


I am always prosperous, wise, loving, harmonious and happy.

Vs. I’m broke, stupid, hateful, I don’t get along with others, and life is hard.

I always choose a positive outcome. Things happen for a reason and a purpose and that purpose serves me.

Vs. I hope things work out. Or Things don’t always work out the way you want.


Vs. Life sucks and then you die.



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