Frequently Asked Questions

How do life coaching sessions work?

What happens during a session varies a lot depending on what you want to work on, but in general you will fill out a questionnaire and then watch my orientation video prior to your first session, then during the session it is a back and forth question and answer period to figure out what the problem is, what change you want to make, and to determine what the best approach for you to make that change is. Once an approach has been decided on we will begin implementing that course of action! During our session we may do some Neuro-Linguistic Programming or other exercises, and you will be assigned homework to fit your needs. Usually you will get immediate results from each and every session.

What can you coach me on?

The short answer is: ANYTHING! For a complete list of everything I’ve helped clients with since we opened in 2010, sorted by topic, click here.

Male: ‘What happens if something ‘pops up’ during the session?’

Unfortunately, in our current society, we are taught from a young age to be ashamed of our bodies and our sexuality. Also, we are programmed to equate nudity with another to be solely a sexual experience. Rest assured that I understand an erection to be a natural and normal occurrence, nothing more. In the course of our non-sexual session you will learn to release this shame, guilt and fear, and embrace your natural being again. As we proceed with our session in a carefree manner, your expectations will quickly and spontaneously be re-patterned, and you will relax into a fuller understanding of nudity being our true natural state.

Can you help with sexual dysfunction or body image problems?

In traditional life coaching, such subjects might be taboo, however, in Naked Life Coaching we embrace every aspect of being human. The practice and principles I teach can be applied to any change you want to make in your life, no matter how big or small, and we are free to discuss any aspect of your life which you wish to change or improve.

I like the ideas that you teach, but I’m a little shy. Do I have to get Naked?

No, nudity is optional and to your comfort level, so feel free to come in and have a clothed session if you’re not comfortable getting naked right away. Also, if you would like to learn how to be comfortable naked, I can coach you in that and we can take it slowly. Nudity is never a requirement to have a life coaching session, so if you choose you can always do a clothed session with me!

I’m a bit nervous about the whole idea of coaching, whether it’s nude or not. I mean, am I really screwed up, do I need help?

As human beings we are always learning, growing and changing, whether we wish to or not. To not change means we are living in a rut. Either way, sometimes we just don’t know how to make or manage the changes we are going through, or we want to learn how to have a completely different way of living than we’ve ever had before. For some things you can take college courses, but those don’t usually address the actual personal things that you have experienced or want to now experience in your life.

Personally I believe that each of us is a genius in our own way, and even if we haven’t managed to demonstrate that in the ways that society expects, we have it deep within, waiting for acceptance, waiting for the right teacher to come along. I have worked with all types of people, from all walks of life, young and old, male and female, and everything in between! Each have had different backgrounds and experiences, and each has had different goals. I enjoy the variety my work brings.

I don’t believe in right or wrong. I believe in freedom and choice. I’ve always had a gift for being able to both take people for exactly who they are, and simultaneously for who they wish to become. So, put aside your worries, no matter who you are or what you want to do, you will be accepted with a loving heart and I will help you to optimize your life!

What type(s) of coaching do you offer, and what is your experience?

I offer personal coaching for individuals, relationship coaching for couples of any persuasion (GBLT friendly), family relationship coaching, polyamory coaching (GBLT friendly) for all types of multi-relationships, and business coaching. For a complete list of ways I’ve helped my clients, click here.

My experience: I’m a single mother of an adult daughter who turned out wonderfully well, I’ve had the gamut from monogamous to polyamorous to open relationships, and I’ve been an entrepreneur all my life (see my resume). In addition, I have studied human potential in all its guises: psychology, neuro-linguistic programming (which is the science of how our minds work), the law of attraction, metaphysics, and what makes successful relationships work, including my own.

How did you get started coaching, and why do you coach Naked?

I’ve been a student of metaphysics for most of my life. During the past 6 years I’ve been intensely working on my own life, and when you start doing that, eventually it starts coming out on other people when you hear their problems… “Oh, I figured that out last week! Let me help…” I found myself giving and being sought for advice more and more.

I started thinking, “why don’t I do that for work?” After about 6 months of thinking about it, I discovered the Phoenix Goddess Temple and became a practitioner there. But I still didn’t know what to call what I was doing. I knew that I wanted to teach people about metaphysics, and how to change their lives.

One day I was chatting with a fellow web designer, and I asked him how he thought I could better promote myself and what I am doing. He asked me, “What do you like to do?”. We were sitting naked in the hot tub at the time… “I like being naked!” I said with a laugh. “Ok,” he replied, “what else?”. “Well,” I responded, “I like helping people how to get what they want in their lives.”

“You could be a life coach” he said. “Oooh I could be a naked life coach!” I enthused. Thus I found my title and my calling. When I first began I had three reasons for how nudity could aid in the coaching process. Over time my clients have given me a few more. You can see them here.

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