Body-Painting & Eye-Gazing March 11

This workshop is an exercise in self-expression and human connection. Firstly, we will introduce ourselves and buddy up into pairs. A short introduction on eye-gazing and the act of creating art on the human body will be reviewed before getting our brushes wet. Then, we will give each pair of buddies a short amount of time to decide what they plan to paint onto the body of their partner. Nudity is not required, but the more skin that is exposed the more canvas your partner has to work with. If you do not feel comfortable with nudity, please bring form fitting attire that you don’t mind getting ruined, as the paint will not wash off clothing. Partners will then switch roles from being a living canvas to the painter before we eye-gaze with each other.

We body paint for the act of expression and to realize we are living art. Just as artists who draw in the sand may never have their art seen, we paint each other to move through own artistic abilities before they’re washed away. And yes, we all have artistic abilities. In the process of making ourselves into art, we get to know each other. You spend 30 minutes to interact with your canvas and get to know part of their story. Then you switch spots, you become art, and they the artist. And then we gaze.

Body Painting by Kevin Speidel

How long has it been since you’ve really looked at someone? We have conversations with our lovers, best friends, and family at arm’s reach, facing a computer screen without really paying any attention to their eyes for too long. (Wouldn’t want to make anyone uncomfortable.) There’s this need for connection and to feel like we’re understood, that our passion is recognized, but we are ultimately conditioned to have a protective bubble to the sake of not being a burden to others, or from others intruding in on our emotions.

Eye-gazing is simple in its technique: You sit across from another human and stare into their eyes for a length of time that would otherwise be impolite.

So why do this exercise? When you really look at someone without the need to look away, walls start to come down and it opens up space for vulnerability. Your brain floods with oxytocin, the “cuddling hormone”, which helps you to physically relax as if you were with a trusted lover. There’s no need to talk about how you feel, you can just sit and share this experience of “being” with another person. Some cry, some see pain in the other’s eyes, some feel that their pain has finally been noticed. Each experience is unique between each pair of gazers.

Before coming to class I want you to try and intently look into someone’s eyes for 30 seconds while you’re having a conversation and take notes on how you feel, and their reactions.

I think an important part of the body painting is that we’re gazing upon each other, first, and allowing ourselves to be gazed upon. So many people are just not seen or unseeing, so this event brings all 3 parts together. Plus it’s people becoming art!

Body-safe paints are included in your admission fee. Please bring a towel to sit on.

Hosted by Morgan “Momo” Keller

Date: March 11, 2016

Time: 7:00 PM

Location: The Naked Life Coach HQ 4202 E Darrel Rd. Phoenix AZ 85042

Tickets: $25 Advance, $30 Door

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