Weapons of Mass Orgasm (Series & Bootcamp)

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Weapons of Mass Orgasm is a Complete Sex & Relationships Class for Adults

Let’s face it. One of the most, if not THE MOST important elements of our lives are our relationships. Yet, we’re never taught the all-important skills to help us have healthy, happy and growing relationships!

It’s high time you learned those skills, don’t you think?

This class goes beyond Mars/Venus, beyond Love Languages, and delves deeply into every aspect of sexuality and relationships, from attraction to communication skills, from emotional intelligence to what you can do both in and out of the bedroom to find and build powerful, fulfilling relationships of any type, and more!

Whether you're vanilla or BDSM, straight or LGBTQ, monogamous or poly, single or in a relationship, this series will teach you ALL the skills to create lasting love and respect, now and in the future, with your lover(s), as well as family, friends, coworkers and even strangers on the street.

Whether you’re vanilla or BDSM, straight or LGBTQ, monogamous or poly, single or in a relationship, this series will teach you ALL the skills to create lasting love and respect, now and in the future, with your lover(s), as well as family, friends, coworkers and even strangers on the street.

This class is delivered as a 10 week series. We also host occasional Bootcamps that cover the entire series in one weekend.

You can jump into the series at any point. Here’s the class cycle description:

Point 1: Introduction to Adult Sex Ed
• LTNL Synopsis
• Series Introduction
• Why We Need This Class
• Standing Up For Freedom!
• What Do You Teach Your Kids About Sex Ed?
• Recommended Reading List

*Attendees of this series who attend Point 1 first qualify for a special discount off the rest of the course + a free bonus!

Point 2: Factors of Attraction
• Introduction to Attraction
• Energetic – the type of energy you exude
• Chemical – what you “smell” like
• Aesthetic – what you look like
• Personality – What you act like
• Character – who you are inside
• Ambition – Your desires in life
• Attraction vs Relationships
• Homework & Recommended Reading

Point 3: Relationship Models
• Introduction to Relationship Models
• What is Love, anyway?
• Divorcing the Mental Matrix
• Open, Swinger, Mono & Poly
• Conscious Dating
• What Are Your True Desires?
• Homework & Recommended Reading

Point 4: Aspects of Communication
• Complete Honesty
• Referential Systems
• Body Language & Tonality
• Facial Expressions
• Words Matter: Connotations
• How do you talk to yourself?
• Different Languages
• Consent: A Boundaries & Negotiation Primer
• Communicating with Childlike Simplicity
• Homework & Recommended Reading
BONUS! Conflict Resolution Guide

Point 5: Building Emotional Intelligence
• Intro
• Emotions are highly addictive
• Understanding Your Emotional States
• Creating Positive Emotional Frequencies
• Maintaining Your Chosen Emotional Habits
• Emotions are Contagious
• Healing from Past Abuse
• Homework & Recommended Reading
BONUS! Easy Meditation Guide

Point 6: Sexual Anatomy
• His & Hers Anatomy – Similarities & Differences
• The Energy Pool
• That Sweet Craving… What is Chemistry?
• More Anatomy – Lessons from Massage, Tantra, Yoga & Martial Arts
+ How to Have More Orgasms!
• Homework & Recommended Reading

Point 7: From Flirting to Forever
• Across the Room: Micro-Expressions & Body Language
• Winks and Other Thoughts
• Get The Party Started – Making the Initial Approach
• Making Plans & Taking Numbers
• Setting Expectations
• First Times (more Boundaries & Negotiation)
• Follow Through
• Homework & Recommended Reading
BONUS! Special Online Dating Guide

Point 8: Sexual Techniques
Guys! The Best Sexual Techniques are: having fabulous communication skills along with excellent emotional intelligence. Please try to attend Points 4 & 5 prior to this one.
• Eye Gazing
• Kissing as an Art Form
• Sexy Talk
• Breath Control
• Energetic Interaction
• Body Talk & Types of Touch
• Build a Sexual Bucket List & Other Games
• Positions to Die For
• Homework & Recommended Reading

Point 9: Setting Free Your Sexy Inner Beast
• Dismissing The Monsters in Your Closet
• Releasing Your Passionate Self
• Self-Love in Action
• Masturbation for Manifestation
• Homework & Recommended Reading

Point 10: Alternative Lifestyles
Even if you’re heterosexual and completely vanilla, I highly recommend this class simply to expand your understanding of others, as well as the valuable lessons on how to have “the talk” before sex with any new partner!
• Decoding the Alphabet Soup: LGBTQ • Asexual • Pan • Poly • BD/SM • cis
• Being an Ethical Lover (2/463)
• Relationship Understandings to Incorporate into Your Lifestyle
• Checking Status & Having “The Talk”
• Final Thoughts


Dates: This class series is held every Thursday, Point 1 starts Jan 14, and class series restarts every 11 weeks. Visit our Meetup page to see which Point is coming up this week!

Series Time: 7-9 PM every Thursday, beginning January 14, 2016

Series Location: 4202 E Darrel Rd. Phoenix 85042

Series Tickets:
$45 Advance Registration per class (cut-off 48 hours before the event) Buy Single Tickets
$50 at the Door per class

Series Class Size: Limited to 30. Advance registration cut-off time is 48 hours prior to each class. Door is first come, first served.

SPECIAL OFFER: Get the entire 10 class series or the Boot Camp for ONLY $397, and bring your partner(s), up to 3 guests for only $199 each!


Bootcamp Dates: Friday Night – Sunday, February 12-14, 2016

Bootcamp Times: Friday 6-10 PM, Sat & Sun 11 AM – 9 PM

Bootcamp Location: Phoenix TBA + live streaming worldwide

Bootcamp Tickets Available Now!

ADVANCED REGISTRATION $397, plus bring up to 3 guests for only $199 each!
(advanced sales cutoff is 48 hours before event)
Door Sales: $499, guests $399

Bootcamp Size Limit: 10,000 worldwide streaming, 2,000 local.

What to Bring:

• Paper & Pen to take notes
• If currently in a relationship, please bring your Significant Other(s). Singles are welcome too!
• This event is clothing optional, to your comfort level. You are welcome to remain clothed. If you plan to get naked, please bring a towel to sit on.

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