REAL Sex Ed for REAL Adults!

By popular demand – both Sex Ed Part 1 and Part 2 in one day!

Come learn how to be a better lover!

Sex Ed Part 1: Sexual Communication

Sex Ed Part 1: Sexual CommunicationFrom initial attraction, to flirting, through dating, romance, fore-play and into the bedroom, good communication skills are the MOST important aspect of building and maintaining a deliciously satisfying relationship!

Come learn how to be a better lover. Good communication includes noticing and understanding body language, eye contact, language patterns, referential thinking systems, as well as the language we use both in self-talk and to others. Beyond all those components, honesty is a key ingredient in excellent communication.

Topics covered Include (but are not limited to):

Gender Languages
Love Languages
Body Language
Eye Contact
Language Patterns
Referential Systems

Sex Ed Part 2: Touch & Our Bodies

Sex Ed Part 2: Touch and Our BodiesLearn about the different types of Orgasms, from the clitoral and vaginal orgasms to the anal orgasm, multiple orgasms for men and women, female ejaculation, orgasming without ejaculation for men, and more.

We will also be covering how to find and touch both the Male and Female Clitoris. Find out about how men’s & women’s bodies are similar – so many talk about our differences, but when it comes to sexual pleasure we are remarkably alike! The g-spot, the p-spot, and more…

Finally, we will cover sensual stimulation for both sexes. Come learn how to be a better lover! Bring your lover and learn together!

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