Access Your Passion

New Tele-Class: How to Access Your Passion and Actualize Your Dreams while Being in Harmony with the Universe

We’ve all had the experience of living in joy and harmony with the universe, at least for a moment… Maybe you’ve only felt that for very brief times in your life. Perhaps the last time that you felt that way was when you were a child. Do you even remember how that feels?

In this tele-class I will be teaching you EXACTLY how to access that feeling over and over again as well as how to USE that feeling to generate the life you want and to actualize your dreams!

This is a KEY ingredient to how I manifest what I want in my life – over and over and over. It doesn’t matter what you want – whether it’s better health, better relationships (or even to have a relationship at all!), more money, more freedom, more time, whatever you want to have in your life IS POSSIBLE!

Join me live online or by phone.

Date: Tuesday March 26, 2013

Time: 7:00 – 8:30 pm, MST

If you can’t make that specific date or time, you will have access to a replay of the call for 2 weeks from the date.

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