Why I (Sometimes) Coach In The Nude

One of the most common questions I get about coaching is “why do I coach naked?” I believe that we have become so accustomed to sexualizing everything about nudity that people tend to have a lot of fears and emotions about exposing their bodies. Those very thought patterns are among the many reasons that I became the Naked Life Coach.  Non-sexual nudity is so beneficial during coaching because it allows people to unveil their truest selves. By uncloaking our outer shells, we can foster open communication and freedom in our interactions. You enjoy faster and more authentic results when there is nothing behind which to hide. Being naked may seem scary at first, which is why we do it together. The vulnerability that comes with revealing your truest self – physically and emotionally – is a journey on which I guide you as we work together in coaching sessions.  The […]

Happy New Year!

So, I had an absolutely fabulous birthday yesterday 🙂 So much so, that it completely wiped business thoughts out of my mind LOL And now, as I’m heading out to the New Year’s Eve party, I realized that I didn’t change the prices from my birthday sale! This is great news for you, you have an extra chance to snag deep discounts on all my services and classes 🙂 Treat yourself to the best this year and transform your life forever! Visit www.TheNakedLifeCoach.com/rsvp and get this sale before it ends, 5PM MST Jan 2, 2016 Nadine Sabulsky TheNakedLifeCoach.com 480-779-0886 PS: Take a look at upcoming special events and grab my Birthday Special before 5 PM MST JAN 2 to SAVE BIG on ALL my services & classes! From Weapons of Mass Orgasm to Nude Art Night, personal coaching and group sessions, we’ve got a lot of fun and knowledge to […]