Purposeful Thoughts

Discover Your True Desires

One of the most powerful ways to begin to move forward in your life, into your dreams, is to recognize and celebrate what your dreams truly are. Often we hide what we truly desire from ourselves, because we’re afraid we can’t get it, or perhaps we’ve been told by others that we shouldn’t want it… the reasons we don’t acknowledge what we truly want usually stem from a fear of some sort. However, when we do actually begin to think only of what we truly desire, we are then able to tap into our creative powers to bring that desire into being. Here’s a quick and easy way to access your true desires. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Feel your energy circulating in your body with each inhale and exhale. Just breath for a moment or so, focusing only on your breathing and how it feels in […]

What are Your True Desires?

Filling the New Year with Gratitude

Filling the New Year with Gratitude

We’ve all heard that attitude can make or break someone. But how does this apply in our daily lives? How can we cultivate an attitude that will propel us forward if our life seems hard or unforgiving sometimes? One attitude that can make a huge difference in your life is gratitude. A naked life coaching group in Phoenix has put gratitude into action. One participant shared how gratitude repaired his relationship with his brother. For many years his brother had seemed to him to be very negative about everything that he was involved in, such as starting his own business. Through coaching he turned the situation around in his mind and started to cultivate gratitude that this brother really cared about him, even if that caring wasn’t expressed in the positive way he wanted to receive it. During Christmas he expressed thanks to his brother for all that caring, and […]

How Gratitude Shapes Our Reality

In my book “Living the Naked Life: 10 Ways to Expose Your Unlimited Creation Abilities“, Way #8 is to “Have an Attitude of Gratitude”. On Tuesday this week I found myself stressing out over my financial situation again. I was also stressing because I have a huge to-do list for my SatoriaNation project as well as my book and business. I had just returned from my trip to Austin TX to speak at the A.L.I.G.N. Conference and New York to speak at Occupy Wall St. I had $7 in my pocket and a grand total of six cents in my bank account, and my rent, electric and phone bills are all due within a few days – a total of $945, plus I owe $114 to a friend and had to send him at least $40 asap. I was tired and trying to take a nap but my mind kept […]


If something in your life is not going the way that you want, it is helpful to examine the thoughts that you had leading up to it. For example: you might want a new car, but your thoughts about it are limiting. You might be saying ‘I want a new car but I can’t afford it’ or ‘I hope my current car lasts until I can get a new one next year.’ Both of those example thoughts provide limitation on what you will allow the universe to deliver into your life. Instead, ask for what you want, in an open manner. To quote one of the most famous human beings ever known: ‘Ask, believing you have already received… knock and the door will be opened.’

Nudity in the Workplace?

Does clothing have anything at all to do with ability? Ok, it may be true that we can afford more expensive clothing to wear if we have certain abilities, such as the ability to make money. But after that, well, isn’t clothing just another mask we put on every day? A company, Nude House in Buckinghamshire, recently posted an ad on Craigslist for “Nude Coders Wanted”. This has raised quite a stir, prompting news coverage in the Sydney Morning Herald, and others across the internet poking fun at the idea. The company owner says as far as he knows his company is the only company to offer proper employment opportunities for ‘naturists’. The Naturist Education Foundation defines naturism as ‘A way of life in harmony with nature characterized by the practice of nudity, with the intention of encouraging body acceptance, self-respect, respect for others and respect for the environment. According to the NEF’s Roper Poll, support for public […]

Nudity in Workplace by The Naked Life Coach

Change Your Mind, Change Your Body

The latest diet or the latest fitness craze, when you begin any definite plan of action you are in effect utilizing a tool that will allow your mind to accept the fact that you control your reality. The effect of will, mind over matter, is also the cause of the placebo effect. Want to “lose weight”? Try “becoming slimmer” instead. Look at yourself in the mirror every day, and tell yourself “Wow, I am even slimmer today than I was yesterday!” It helps to set a deadline by which you’ll reach your goal weight. Your deadline should be semi-believable, but stretch your power of belief with it. You can also start up a conscious connection with your subconscious, and give it directives to help you achieve your goal. Our subconscious automatically regulates every function of our bodies, so a good step to take is to sit privately, and address your […]

Getting Metaphysical with Traffic

Forget about those self-help books that primarily focus on achieving your life goals and dreams. You can start applying metaphysical laws to any area of your life, today! Let’s focus on an area that at has (at least occasionally) frustrated most of us: traffic. If you’ve ever encountered rush hour, you know what I mean! How often have you experienced an unexplained slow-down or traffic back-up? Or you get to the end of the jam and traffic suddenly speeds up again, but there’s no visible reason for it to have slowed down in the first place? I postulate that the phenomena of our experience in traffic is similar to that demonstrated by random number generator studies in which it has been discovered that an individual or group’s focused belief or expectation of result actually influenced the numbers being generated, therefore making it non-random. So, is traffic random, or is it […]