Purposeful Thoughts

Barbie vs “Real Life”

A few years ago, I got the opportunity to paint my newly purchased house. I was thinking of a blue-violet with red trim, but when I got the paint cards together with the color red I wanted, the best match turned out to be a pinkish-violet. A while later – maybe a year after it was done – I asked my boyfriend what he thought of it, and he goes “it looks like a Barbie mansion!” This was a surprise to me, but immediately appreciated. See, I had always wanted Barbie dolls when I was a kid, but I was denied them. At the time, my conservative Christian mom said it was because “Barbie is a sex symbol” and a “dating doll”. Years later, when the Heart Family (a Barbie & Ken style doll with two children) came out, I was allowed to have them. But the thing is, I […]

What Are 90% of Self-Help Gurus Wrong About?

Let me ask you something, how many self-help books have you read in your lifetime? And let me ask you this… how many times have you actually put everything (or even anything) you read about, into action? Recently, I have been having an email conversation with someone who’s new to my newsletter. I’ll call him AJ. AJ started out replying to the welcome email and first free training, and wrote me a list of 3 questions… I responded openly to his questions, and asked what prompted him to ask those specific questions, what did he really want to know? He replied, quite succinctly, and shared where he is right now and what he’s struggling with and trying to learn. And then he asked a few more questions. And I replied. And he asked more questions… We have had quite an interesting conversation all week, in fact! One of his questions […]

Adventure to True Love

I’ve discussed a little bit of my past relationships in older posts. Lately I’ve been considering setting up a program to help heartbroken people heal from toxic relationships and meet your perfect partner, *without* wasting time dating the wrong people, OR chasing after people that “just aren’t that into you”, through a step by step process that allows you to meet the best person for you AND begin building new healthy relationships from the start. I started thinking. What if… meeting your perfect person could be an adventure, instead of a struggle? I invite you to join my free group to find out the answer.. . Join the Adventure to True Love group on Facebook I’ll see you inside the group!

Why I (Sometimes) Coach In The Nude

One of the most common questions I get about coaching is “why do I coach naked?” I believe that we have become so accustomed to sexualizing everything about nudity that people tend to have a lot of fears and emotions about exposing their bodies. Those very thought patterns are among the many reasons that I became the Naked Life Coach.  Non-sexual nudity is so beneficial during coaching because it allows people to unveil their truest selves. By uncloaking our outer shells, we can foster open communication and freedom in our interactions. You enjoy faster and more authentic results when there is nothing behind which to hide. Being naked may seem scary at first, which is why we do it together. The vulnerability that comes with revealing your truest self – physically and emotionally – is a journey on which I guide you as we work together in coaching sessions.  The […]

The Mission of Meditation

One of the components of my approach to coaching centers on the use of meditation as a tool for wellness. Over the years, meditation has gotten a bad rap. People have come to associate it with an intense spiritual process that can only be undertaken by serious students of a philosophy or ideology. And it is true that followers of many different spiritual backgrounds do meditate.  But it’s not just for people who seem to be immediate experts in the art of clearing their minds and sitting for hours on end. Meditation is – and should be – for everyone. The benefits of meditating are far too many to even name here, but let’s just say that you can work through mental, emotional and even physical obstacles with meditation. The science is there to back this up: meditation has been proven to help with symptoms from physical ailments, including cancer, […]

Manifest Love For Yourself This Valentine’s Day

Sooo many people dread Valentine’s Day because they lack someone special with which to share it. I’ve never gotten overly excited about February 14 because I prefer to randomly show love for my partner without any cues from Hallmark. But I do believe that one of the most important things you can do on a day that is all about love is manifest those same feelings for yourself. Generating feelings of self-love only attracts more external love into your life. Now, don’t confuse this with a lack of humility. We’re not talking about narcissism here; it’s never good to be so enamored with yourself that you have none left for anyone else. The kind of self love I am referring to is rooted in acceptance, worth and a desire to put forth the best version of yourself. People are attracted to this kind of self-love. It signals that you are […]

I Was A Toxic Partner

Valentine’s Day is next Friday, so I’ve spent some time reflecting on my romantic relationships. I used to be a toxic partner. I can admit that now. Not intentionally, but I had no clue that I had a hidden relationship pattern, caused by my parents’ divorce. This pattern was sabotaging my relationship. Through my last toxic relationship, the breakup, and heartbreak that followed, I learned soooooo much! Afterwards, I was single for seven years. It sucked because I really wanted to have a good relationship. However, I was definitely attracting the wrong people, or the people I was attracted to weren’t into me. I learned along the way and kept growing. I finally figured it out. That’s when I met someone who had a mutual attraction to me. We dated for a year, and he was a good guy. But there was still something missing. I learned and tweaked again. When […]

Overwhelmed by Your Feelings? Emotional Balance May Be The Answer

Here’s the thing about emotions: we all have ’em. But the truth is they can be as addictive as any other vice. Sometimes, before you even realize what’s happening, you find yourself swept away in a sea of emotional turmoil – either your own or those of someone in your life. Often, you don’t even realize what’s happening until you’re already adrift. By then, your emotional balance is a distant memory. When you are out of sorts emotionally, it can impact every area of your life. You might be more irritable, anxious or generally stressed out. Emotional imbalance can even manifest in physical symptoms that have no other reasonable explanation or cause. But remember, emotional balance is quite literally what it sounds like: equilibrium of the mind, body and spirit. When you are emotionally balanced, you can be flexible when faced with obstacles. You’ll better recognize the influx of negative […]