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How to Meet Your Perfect Partner – Free Training!

I’ve received quite a few messages recently asking how I met my amazing partner. So I was thinking of creating a free training where I show you exactly how I met him, and even more importantly, how we’ve made our relationship so wonderful.

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Allow Me To Reintroduce…Me

If you’re reading this, chances are you know all about the Naked Life Coach and what I do. But as I embark upon a new blogging schedule, an entirely new approach to social media and a bunch of new projects, I wanted to take this opportunity to reintroduce myself to all of you as well as any newbies reading this blog. As you may know, I don’t fit into any one box. I am a transformational speaker, coach, author, mom, serial entrepreneur, synergist, sci-fi geek, inventor, designer, and traveler. I am also a movie star, super-heroine, karaoke singer, dancer, adventurer and goddess! I am the Prima Imagina of Satoria Nation and the originator of the Naked Life Coaching brand. I have published seven books, including my latest: “Secret Weapons of Mass Orgasm: The Science of Sex & The Artistry of Love.” I live in a rambling, comfortable house in Phoenix […]

Live on NBR FM Friday June 14!

I’ll be interviewed live on NBR FM today, at 1:36 PM GMT-AZ (4:36 PM EST). Tune in and listen live at


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I’ll be on Sonoran Living May 30!

I’ll be featured on Sonoran Living for their Health and Wellness show on May 30! The show airs from 9 to 10 AM (MST-AZ GMT-07:00) on ABC 15. Tune in and watch me on the live show! For those not able to watch live, or if you’re not in Arizona, you’ll be able to check out the show segment at I will also be posting the show segment and direct link to the segment page once it’s available. Hope you enjoy the show!

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I’ll be Appearing on The List, national TV Show, July 14!

To celebrate National Nude Day, The List is doing a special episode all about different things to do while Naked. They got in touch with me, and asked me to be on their positive and upbeat show. How could I refuse?! The interview with Kristina Guerrero was a lot of fun, and as you can see in the pre-air pic below, which they were kind enough to send me, they got creative and fig-leafed me live using a plant from my meeting room, haha! Definitely an improvement over the blur effect, in my opinion. Watch The List on July 14, 2017. It airs at 4:30 PM in Arizona on ABC 15. It is a nationally syndicated show, so if you’re not in AZ, click here to see what channels and times it will be on in your area. I can’t wait to watch!

What’s Your Best Relationship Look Like?

The first 100 participants in this survey will receive a coupon good for 20% OFF my upcoming sex & relationship course! If you’re seeing this in an email, or the page didn’t load correctly, click here to take the survey. powered by FluidSurveys

#1 Best Seller! Huge Thanks!

My latest book, ‘Secret Weapons of Mass Orgasm’ just went to number one in the first category!!! Hoping to reach #1 in entire store! The book is on sale ’til Monday with a Kindle Countdown deal, so get it now!

AMA on Reddit Friday May 27 3PM EST

Hello everyone! I’m doing an IAMA/AMA live Q&A on Reddit this Friday at 3PM EST. Hope you will join me! I Am Nadine Sabulsky, aka The Naked Life Coach, and I just published my latest book, Secret Weapons of Mass Orgasm: The Science of Sex & The Artistry of Love – AMA about Sex, Love, and Relationships! “I am Nadine Sabulsky, and I’m a transformational speaker, coach, author, mom, movie star, super-heroine, synergist, karaoke singer, dancer, serial entrepreneur, adventuress, inventor, designer, Goddess & more! I’m the Prima Imagina of and Originator/Developer of Naked Life Coaching™” I recently released my new book, Secret Weapons of Mass Orgasm: The Science of Sex & The Artistry of Love. If you’re like most people, you probably never got a complete education about yourself, how your body and emotions work, about sex, or about the fundamentals of creating great relationships. I aim to change […]

Guest Speaking: Communication Skills Talk for English 101 Class at SMCC

This Thursday, I was a guest speaker at a South Mountain Community College class in Phoenix Arizona. The class was English 101, so I decided to give a talk on Communication Skills and their positive overall effect on your life; from jobs to relationships. You can see the video of my talk here: You can read more about these skills in Chapter 4 of my new book, Secret Weapons of Mass Orgasm: The Science of Sex & The Artistry of Love, available now at: