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Media Interviews of The Naked Life Coach

The Lou Show

On The Lou Show 11/27/2011 Lou interviews Nadine Sabulsky about Naked Life Coaching, her book Living the Naked Life, the Occupy Wall Street Movement, and her Satoria Nation project.

The Lou Show

Naked Life Coaching: The Revelation

As originally posted by a group session attendee, at: Naked Life Coaching: The Revelation   Posted on 08/24/2011 by lumberjacks94 – republished with permission from the author.   This journey is taking me out of my comfort zone. But it’s hard to imagine being more uncomfortable than sitting naked in a room around people who DON’T want to have sex with you. But there I was last night sitting around five other men in a room at the Phoenix Goddess Temple with no clothes on, telling a naked woman what I want in life and asking her how to get it. If you haven’t heard of “Naked Life Coaching” don’t be surprised — just about everybody I told about it to asked, “what the hell is that??” In short, you get to the “naked” truth about yourself. The woman who runs the program believes nudity helps honesty and people to peel away […]

Back Talk on the Air with Ed Kornel

Neurosurgeon Ezriel “Ed” Kornel interviews Nadine Sabulsky live on WOR Radio, channel AM 710 in New York City. Topics covered include the Occupy Wall Street Movement and Naked Life Coaching. It’s an hour-long show, feel free fast-forward to minute 43 to go straight to the interview. Listen to the interview…