I Am That I Am: 365 Daily Meditations

I AM THAT I AM: 365 Daily Meditations

I Am That I Am: 365 Daily Meditations
392 Pages
Coffee-Table Book
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This volume contains 365 amazingly powerful meditations, one for each day of the year.

Each meditation will aid you in creating a new reality setting and expanding your personal power unlimited!

The entire book is designed to be a meditative experience. First, it’s a large book that will adorn your coffee table or nightstand beautifully. Secondly, each page has a lot of white space, with the meditation phrase in large bold print, and a small paragraph below with definitions to enhance your enlightenment. Read, love, and grow!

There are several ways you can use this book:

Start on page 1 and work your way through the book, using each page for one day for the entire coming year, OR start on the page corresponding to the day of the year it is, and work your way through from that point, returning to page 1 on January first, OR flip to a random page, trusting in the universe to deliver the perfect “I AM” statement for you each day OR use the list at the back of the book to meditate and absorb all the qualities at once!

This volume includes an updated synopsis of “Living the Naked Life”.

With I AM THAT I AM: 365 Daily Meditations
you will transform your self and your life, one day at at time!

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