Getting it “Right”: A New Guide to Resolving Old Conflict

Getting It Right": A New Guide to Resolving Old Conflict 92 pages

Getting It Right”: A New Guide to Resolving Old Conflict
92 pages
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Have you had the same argument more than once with a partner, friend, relative or at work?

Have you experienced similar fights with others throughout your life, almost like you’ve dated the same person multiple times?

Have you wondered how to break the pattern and resolve the conflicts so you can just get along, from now on?

Have you had difficulty expressing yourself and reaching agreement with others?

If so, this book is for you!

Examining why we fight, and providing a brand new set of guidelines and thoughtful tips throughout this book, The Naked Life Coach gives us a glimpse at a new way of communicating that can refresh any relationship and put even the oldest conflicts to rest.

The ideal conflict resolution provides a win-win, so both parties are happy with the outcome. Now, you can find your way to that win-win, regardless of the topic or emotions surrounding it!

From getting your partner to agree to the talk, through self-preparation beforehand, along with everything you need to make the talk successful, Nadine Sabulsky gives a clear and concise explanation of each step. In addition, she provides study resources to further your exploration of success in any relationship.

Scroll up and click buy now, and start making your relationships awesome!

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